7 Free Music For Commercial Use Resources

Where To Find Free Music For Commercial Use

Music is essential in creating professional content and getting your message across to your audience. 

There are some great free music websites that give creators music for free, which they can use as background music in their commercial projects.

Before diving into where you can find free music for commercial use, it is worth mentioning what commercial use means.

What does commercial use mean?

Commercial use, when referring to music licensing, is the use of music in projects that are intended to make a profit. 

For example, if you are a business and want to use free background music in an advertising campaign, this would be deemed “commercial use”, as you intend to make a profit. 

In today’s world of YouTube monetization and online streaming, commercial use is no longer limited to big business. Anyone, who directly makes money from their content, will fall under the banner of “commercial use”. 

Therefore, if your project is in any way related to generating a profit, for example, through YouTube monetization or raising awareness about a product or driving business to your website through promotion, you will need to ensure that your music is cleared for “commercial use”. 

Below are just some examples of the commercial use of music, but there are many more. 

Content Example 

Usage Type

YouTube Monetization✓ Commercial Use
Advertising Campaigns✓ Commercial Use
Product Promotion To Drive Sales✓ Commercial Use
Monetised Podcast✓ Commercial Use
Corporate Video✓ Commercial Use
Store Background Music✓ Commercial Use
Corporate Website (Profit Generating Business)✓ Commercial Use
Video Game Development (For-Profit Games)✓ Commercial Use

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How Can I Use Free Music for Commercial Use?

Understandably, it can be difficult to find free music for commercial use, as most artists will (quite fairly) ask for a fee from profit-making organisations or individuals. 

That said, some artists (like myself) will ask for attribution in the form of a music credit in return for the free commercial use of music. 

For example, I will ask all the users of my free music to ensure that they let everyone know that I wrote and produced the music by adding an acknowledgement to me in their video end credits, YouTube description or website in the form below:

Music:  https://louisebyrnemusic.com/ or  “Song Title”  from LouiseByrneMusic.com

I have found that this method works really well as everyone loves getting free music and are also very happy to tell others where they downloaded the music from. 

In return, I get more music users onto my website through word of mouth and my audience grows.  As a music artist, this is what really matters to me. 

Therefore, free music for commercial use will nearly always come with some conditions.

Here is a list of the most common requirements that come with free commercial music:

These conditions will vary depending on your music provider so always check what the conditions of free music are:

Examples of Typical Conditions of Free Commercial Music

✓ Attribution required.

Depending on the music supplier, you must let people know where you download the free music from or promote the artist

✓ MP3 Only

Sometimes, you can only download MP3 files and if you want higher quality .WAV file you pay. 

✓ Limited Use

Sometimes you can use the song only once, but some music suppliers will allow you to use the music in multiple videos

✓ Restricted Use

You will always find restricted use. Artists do this to protect their music.

Examples of restricted use could include terms such as – you cannot remix the music, you cannot sample the music to make a new song, you cannot add lyrics, or use the music in music only YouTube videos. 

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7 Free Music For Commercial Use Resources

Free music for commercial use can be found on some great music suppliers and websites. 

Here is a list of my favourite free commercial music suppliers, listing the main music licence condition of each.

Free Music for Commercial Use Resource

Summary of Main Licence Terms

Louise Byrne Music

➡️ Free music for commercial use with credit. 

➡️ Full Licence Terms & Restrictions can be found here:



➡️ If you cannot or don’t want to add a credit to Bensound you must purchase a Pro Licence

➡️ If you need high-quality files (MP3 or Wav) you need to buy a Pro Licence. 

➡️ Full Licence Terms & Restrictions can be found here:



➡️ For free music downloads, you have to make an attribution under the Creative Commons licence request.

➡️ Premium songs excluded from commercial use. 

➡️ Full Licence Terms & Restrictions can be found here:


Free Music Archive

➡️ Music licenced under creative commons.

➡️ Full Licence Terms & Restrictions can be found here:



➡️ Free music for commercial use with credit. 

➡️ Full Licence Terms & Restrictions can be found here:



➡️ Read about music copyright restrictions here:


YouTube Audio Library

➡️ The Audio Library is found exclusively in YouTube studio and if you have a YouTube account you can access this music for your content. 

➡️ As of writing, it is not clear if this music is cleared for commercial use outside of the YouTube platform.

➡️ Most of this music is licensed under creative commons and you must check each song individually for how it can be used as some music in the YouTube Audio Library requires that you give attribution to the musical artist. 

➡️ More information can be read here:


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Finding free music for commercial use can really help your business or project get off to the best start. 

A commercial use music licence” is needed for any project using music that is profit-driven.

In today’s internet world and YouTube monetization, it has become more important than ever that content creators are aware that “commercial use” means any project that is profit-generating.

Therefore you don’t have to be a registered business to need a commercial use music licence. 

If your content is generating an income for you, then the music that you use in that content needs to cover “commercial use” to be on the safe side. 

Great free music for commercial use can be found online with some fantastic free music resources out there. You just need to ensure that you follow each music supplier’s requirements to benefit from their free music.

For example, most musical suppliers (myself included) will ask for a music credit or attribution, in return for free music. This means you get free music and I get more traffic to my website and people listening to my music as you gave me shout out!

Whether you are a new venture or seasoned professional trying to keep costs down, having a good source of free music for commercial use to hand is really beneficial for anyone.