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What is Royalty Free Music?

Royalty free music, such as the music on this site, is music supplied with a licence type that allows someone to use the music legally without paying further additional fees. Typically, royalty-free music has one “upfront fee” making it a very attractive and simple licence option for music users. 

Is royalty free music free?

The cost of royalty free music depends on the music supplier. It could be free or it could hundreds of dollars. The cost of the royalty free music is set by the music seller.

The royalty free music found on this site is free. This is because I have decided to allow fellow creatives to use my music for free as this seems to really help people, gets my music in front of a larger audience and gives me good karma. 😃

Where can I get royalty free music, for free?

Some of the best places to get free royalty free music are “Louise Byrne Music”, (of course I am going to plug myself here!) and the “YouTube Audio Library”. 

There are many others and they differ in how they license music. Most will only offer MP3s for a free licence, therefore, if you need high quality. WAV file for video game development or TV broadcast, you will need to pay.

I am very proud that I can offer high quality .MP3 and .WAV files for free as part of my free royalty free music licence. 

In this article, I have reviewed some of the best places to get royalty free music, for free, highlighting the pros and cons of each library.

Personally, I recommend using a variety of music libraries. That way, you will increase your chances of finding the perfect track, and you will have a diversified soundtrack.

music for videos on YouTube

Is royalty free music copyright free?

Royalty free music is not copyright free as copyright is still retained by the musical artist. With a royalty free music licence, the musical artist is granting you permission to use their music.

Truly copyright-free music is very difficult to find. Most music libraries selling music branded as “copyright free music”, still retain ownership of the music copyright. 

To learn more about “copyright free music”, check out this article which goes into more depth about how it is very difficult to find truly copyright free music.

no-copyright music and youtube

What is the best royalty free music site?

The best royalty free music site is the one the gives you great music at an affordable price, with easy to use and understand licence terms. 

There are many royalty free music sites out there that do all of the above, but everyone is different and will have different preferences, so there is not one royalty free music site that beats the rest.

My personal recommendations for the best royalty free music sites are:

Free Royalty Free Music Site

Louise Byrne Music

  • All music is free
  • High quality .MP3 and .WAV files supplied as standard
  • Full commercial licence with licence number so you can prove where you got permission from if ever asked.

Paid for Royalty Free Music Site


  • £13.25 per month, or £159 per year
  • Access to a massive library of tracks, shorts and loops.

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