In a nutshell…

I write and produce music which is pre-cleared for use by media content creators.

If you are looking for original, creative and exciting royalty free, pre-cleared music which you can use in your media productions for a flat fee, you can find it here.

Who does Louise write for…..

I offer high quality original music to licence to all media content creators from home studio film-makers to multi-national broadcasting and online streaming services.

From that favourite video of your cat that you need music for to major multi-national companies with international broadcasting, my licence has you covered.

Why is her music different…

If you are looking for original music which tells a story you have come to the right place.

I aim to offer media content creators something more – music composition and production with art at its soul.

Why work with Louise…

When you chose my music for your productions, you are picking an award winning composer as part of your team. Add my name to your credits or link back to the website for free promotion of your work. I share my favourite productions with my followers.

Licensing made easy….

I believe that music licensing should be simple. When you purchase music from the website the licence to use the music in your productions is included in the cost. If you are confused or worried about licensing, please just ask for friendly advice. You can find more details about licensing by clicking here.