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“Transform” – Free Sci-Music Track – DMCA Free Music


Rising strings over heavy percussion and uplifting horns reach a powerful crescendo in this royalty free music.

©2018 Louise Byrne Music

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What is this royalty-free music about?

Low strings, cellos, and violas with light drums build to a somber and respectful french horn melody. 

The mood is serious and pensive, filled with concentration and focus. 

The orchestral underscore of strings and horns is joined by a female choir. This gives a majestic and sense of importance to the music. The violins rise to create a sense of urgency and priority.

A versatile track, I originally wrote this music inspired by industrial sci-fi-themed video games such as “Fallout”.  The percussion I use has a metallic element giving it an industrious feeling. 

For anyone who knows me, will tell you that I love Terminator 2. The sounds used in this music take inspiration from this sci-fi genre.

Ideal music for video games, music for streaming, music for film or content needing a unique and authentic new age sci-fi orchestral soundtrack.

Is this royalty-free music safe to stream on Twitch?

This royalty-free music piece is DMCA-free and safe to stream on Twitch. It should also be part of the Soundtrack for Twitch library so you know that it is approved for Twitch.

Of course, if you have any problems, just present the music license that I will send you when you officially download the track through my website.

This will prove to Twitch, YouTube or anyone else that asks that you have the right to use the music in the background of your content and streams.

Is this royalty-free music on YouTube or Spotify?

This royalty-free music can be streamed on YouTube and Spotify.

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