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New Royalty Free Music Released: “Fired Up” Playlist

The year is drawing to an end and so many content creators have the “end of year best of” montages to put together at this time. Powerful, upbeat, action music can often work wonders on such content as it gets people “fired up” and excited about what has gone and what is on the way […]

A Filmmakers Guide to Royalty Free Music

A brief intro… In this article I will be answering questions like: What is royalty free music? Where did it come from? Why you should use it. What to watch out for to ensure you are getting “really” royalty free music. I call this the “ultimate filmmakers guide to royalty free music” because I am […]


New Music Released: EDM & POP Playlist

It can be really difficult to get original music featuring original vocalists within your film production budget so I am really excited to be offering this. Hopefully these tracks will be the first of many in this genre. All the songs in this genre are commercial releases. My aim is to bring that “song on the […]

science fiction playlist

New Music Released: Stranger Sounds Playlist

“Sci fi music” or science fiction music can be really hard to define. What makes it sci-fi anyway? When you listen to the great themes of classic sci-fi productions such as Star Trek & Star Wars it is sweeping strings and orchestral soundtracks that take the lead. After all, sci-fi is a vast genre…the purest […]