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Soundtrack for Twitch

We’ve previously covered some good resources and websites where streamers and YouTubers can get hold of DMCA safe music, and in that article, we mentioned that new tools would more than likely arrive in the future to make acquiring music for streams and videos as easy as possible.

One such tool has recently been rolled out by Twitch itself, called Soundtrack by Twitch.

What is Soundtrack for Twitch?

Currently still in its Beta phase, Soundtrack by Twitch is described (by the people themselves no less) as “a new tool made specifically for Twitch creators to feature licensed music within their live streams while also creating a new way for musicians to be discovered by the Twitch community”.

Essentially, it’s a Spotify player that’s been implemented specifically for Twitch (and Twitch only) and had its entire library of music cleared for use on all streams on the platform.

Twitch have also (very kindly) put together a range of different genre and mood soundtracks, but currently you can’t curate your own tunes into your own custom playlist. Whether that functionality will arrive in the future is yet to be seen, but it’s not an absurd idea to think this will become a possibility. There are also Stations which endlessly play music of a certain genre.

Currently it’s only available for PC downloads (but this may change in the future judging by the way they’ve written the details on their FAQ page), but the product has built-in functionality for OBS and Streamlabs, meaning it can integrate with the vast majority of people’s set-ups very easily.

A nice side note, it separates its audio sources, so the music won’t be recorded to your VODs or clips archive and will only be live during your actual stream.

Being such a new accessory (and still in Beta), there are bound to be teething issues and anomalies that occur. However, if you do encounter a problem, you can report bugs to Twitch here.

If you’re a Twitch streamer that regularly suffers from audio copyright based headaches, this could be a great tool to check out.

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What does this mean for the future of music on Twitch?

This is a fantastic step in the right direction for such an important and frequent part of Streamers toolkits.

There are some fantastic services that exist already, and I’m sure that when everything runs smoothly, everything is fine and dandy.

However when there’s another party involved and a dispute arrives or someone receives a copyright claim, it makes it that much messier and elongates the process for resolving the issue. Twitch might have to speak to the Creator, who has to liaise with the claimant, who talks to their label, etc.

With Twitch taking this service in-house, all those headaches go away. (We hope 🙏)

Soundtrack for Twitch is a hugely positive piece of progression for Creators, and according to Twitch, there are more features to come.

Maybe one day there will be a premium service that allows you to keep the audio on your VODs, or an addition that lets you port the music to a linked YouTube channel or a social account (which by the way, I think would be awesome).

There will more than likely be an app that becomes available for Mac in the not too distant future, and compatibility for other streaming apps and set-ups are almost certainly in development already.

I also think this is great this is coming from Twitch themselves, to show they care about the people on their platform and want to empower them.

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Looking for some new 100% safe to stream, DMCA safe music?

Check out this free and safe to use streaming music which is also part of the Soundtrack for Twitch library. 

You can download DMCA safe and free music through this website or just check it out on Spotify or Soundtrack for Twitch. 

Retro Chiptune Electro Streaming Soundtrack

Industrial Sci-Fi Streaming Soundtrack

Fantasy Celtic Streaming


Electronic Sci-Fi Streaming Soundtrack

Submitting Your Own Music to Soundtrack 

Not only can you relax and enjoy a wide variety of music thanks to this new service, you can be a part of the music that people use by submitting your own tunes to Soundtrack, that can then in turn be added to their library for people to use.

Whether you’re an independent artist making some soulful instrumentals or an underground label that’s up and coming, you can submit music for soundtrack use by uploading your songs to the distribution services DistroKid or SoundCloud, but you can also use other services like Alpha Pup, EMPIRE, and CD Baby.

If you sign up to Distrokid to distribute your music to Twitch you can get 7% off using this affiliate link code:


Twitch has partnered with numerous labels like MonsterCat, Future Classic and Soundstripe, but when uploading your own music, it states on its site to use Distrokid or SoundCloud as these are its “prefered” methods.

Another reason for using these two sites specifically is that if you’re a Twitch Creator yourself, this can be verified through these sites and you’re more likely to get featured in a Playlist/on a Station as the songs selected are chosen by Twitch’s “music curation team”. 

(A quick disclaimer, submitting a track comes with no guarantee that your music will be accepted/featured, Twitch retains the right to refuse any submitted material).

A guide for the upload process can be found here for both DistroKid and SoundCloud.

Disclaimer: This blog is intended as a guide only for educational and informational purposes. It is not legal advice. The content contained in this article is not legal advice or a legal opinion on any specific matter or matters.