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Sound Effects

Sound effects are a necessary part of content creation and video production. Having access to a good sound effect library is an essential tool in your video making or content creation.

There are many sound effect libraries available online, from free to paid options,  so it can be hard to pick the right sound effect library for your needs with such variety. 

Personally, I don’t produce sound effects, however, I do get asked a lot about sound effects and where to find good libraries. As a result, I have looked into the online world of sound effects and have chosen my favourite option which is from “Sound Effect Pack”.

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For me, Sound Effect Pack comes out on top for the following reasons:

1 – Clear and easy to use the website.

2 – 3000 sound effects.

3 – Professional produced sound with high-quality recordings.

4 – Royalty-free licence.

5 – Instant download.

6 – Very clear guidance on how the sound effects can be used.

7 – Typically $100 or less for over 2GB of sound effects

8 – Unlimited use with a one-time fee. 

More than anything, what I like about Sound Effect Pack is its clarity in telling you exactly what you are getting.

From rain sounds to fart noises, this collection of 3000 sound effects will cover all the basic sounds that you may need for your content, be it film production, video game, sound design or YouTube video.

Every single sound is listed in the sound pack tracklist, so you can look at this to ensure that it is the right sound effect collection for you. Here is a snippet from the sound effect tracklist.

sound effect list

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Are these sound effects of good quality?

According to Sound Effect Pack, their sound effects are all recorded on state of the art equipment and carefully edited by their sound designers to be clean and crisp without unwanted noise.

Using a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pros, Yamaha NS-10ms, and ESI-08 active speaker systems I had a careful and critical listen to their sound effects.

In summary, the 3000 Sound Effect Pack pass my listening test. The sound effects are very clear and sound very authentic, like real recordings and not electronically produced sounds.

For some of the more dynamic sound effects, such as aeroplanes and storms, there is a cinematic feel to the sound effects which I really like. 

Sound effects, particularly ambience style sound effects need to sound real. For example, rain sounds need to sound like rain and not white noise. I think Sound Effect Pack have recorded and produced a comprehensive collection of a high-quality library of sounds here. 

download @ sound effect pack

What can I use these sound effects for?

The Sound Effect Pack website clearly lists exactly what you can use these sound effects for on their website page.

From YouTube videos to audio guides, they are very clear on how to use their music with their licence terms clearly explained. Again, this is another reason why I really like Sound Effect Pack. Trying to find suppliers of sound effects who are so clear on how and where the sound effects can be used is tricky, so I love their clarity. 

What format are the sounds provided in?

According to the Sound Effect Pack FAQ page, you can download all the sounds from the sound effect pack in either WAV or MP3 format or both.

It is really important to have access to the WAV files, especially if you are planning to loop the sound effects, for example, in a video game development project. This is because MP3 format files don’t typically loop well and are far more prone to having noise when looped – like a little “clip” sound when the loop starts again.

sound effect pack

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download @ sound effect pack


Having a reliable and safe to use a collection of royalty-free sound effects is a great addition to your sound design and production arsenal.

I recommend Sound Effect Pack due to the vast variety of high-quality sounds and in addition, the clarity of use in their licence terms.

Unlike a lot of sound effect providers, Sound effect Pack are very clear on how their sound effects can be used. In this digital age of copyright strikes and DMCA takedown notices, ensuring that your sound is copyright cleared and safe to use is very important.

Their website is clear, with a helpful FAQ page and a clear contact us section if you have any further unanswered questions.