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Strong and determined royalty free music with sweeping strings and powerful rock beat.

©2016 Louise Byrne Music

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Music Overview:

This is upbeat and exciting background music for video. Combining rock drums and driving electric guitar with soaring strings and weeping melodies this royalty free music tune creates an uplifting and exciting mood.

Composer Notes on this Background Music

This music was initially inspired by the extreme sports video genre. I am a big fan of extreme sports and I watch a lot of videos of surfing, mountain biking, windsurfing and snowboarding. 

Sweeping strings, heavy electric guitar and rock drums make a great combination for epic and exciting music.

To give a sense of the dramatic I use staccato strings throughout this music, punctuated with sound effects and low underscore of double bass and cellos.

The song builds to a soaring violin melody that rises above the background drums and strings. This induces a feeling of excitement, anticipation and aspiration.

The dynamics of this royalty free music change at set intervals to keep the music engaging and interesting to the audience.

Perfect music for sports videos, music for film or music for videos on YouTube, this uplifting and smooth rock music track is a good soundtrack for multimedia and online content needing a rock music uplifting vibe. 

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