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Relaxing Celtic Music | Listen, Stream or Download for Free

I have grown up listening to, composing and performing Celtic Music and it is one of my favourite genres of music.

As a whole, relaxing Celtic music is one of the most effective genres of music to help achieve a calm state. In modern Celtic music or new-age Celtic music, the soft drones of the uilleann pipes and delicate melodies create a beautiful combination of calmness and optimism.

Typically found under the “World Music” section in music libraries, Celtic music is full of emotion, storytelling and life. It can make you dance for joy or lament with pain.

One of the most powerful aspects of Celtic Music for me personally is its relaxing benefits and below I have shared my own Celtic music compositions that you can download for free or stream on Spotify.

What is Celtic Music?

As a general guide, Celtic Music encapsulates a wide range of musical genres which has its roots in the folk music of the Western European Celtic people. Ireland and Scotland are most widely known for their contributions to Celtic Music.

Why is Celtic Music so relaxing?

The health benefits of music have been widely reported, but what makes Celtic music so relaxing?

As a general rule, Celtic music is relaxing due to the repeated sounds, calming drone underscores and soulful melodies, which for many, awaken a primaeval instinct taking us away from our stressful modern lives.

Celtic Music is an ancient art form, and modern Celtic music keeps many aspects of the traditional sounds.

You could argue that all calm music has a relaxing element, and I agree, but for me personally, the unusual beats and sounds of Celtic music really takes me to another world.

In addition, the laments and ballads of Celtic music I find haunting. Celtic music really stirs my emotions and there is not a musical genre that comes close to bringing me to tears or helping me relax.

If you have not explored the relaxing effects of Celtic music, I completely recommend having a listen. Start with a modern classic Celtic artist such as Enya.

Download Relaxing Celtic Instrumental Music

The following playlist features positive and relaxing Celtic instrumental music.

To download any of these tunes for free, just head over to my music library where you can find and download my full Celtic music collection.

Celtic Music Soundtracks for Download

To download more royalty-free Celtic Music for free which I have composed, check out my Celtic Music Volume 1 & Celtic Music Volume 2 collections as shown below.

These Celtic music soundtracks are a combination of powerful, upbeat Celtic music and some relaxing and calmer Celtic music.

You can use this music for free in your video, gaming and media projects as background music. Take a look at the licence terms here to see how this music can be used safely in your content.

If you have any questions, just get in touch!

What makes Celtic music unique?

Celtic Music has some notable distinctions, that set it apart from other music genres.

1. Melodies Are Performed in Unison

Firstly, Celtic Music is traditionally played with an ensemble of instruments that perform the melody in unison.

No matter what the melodic instrument, from fiddle to tin whistle to uilleann pipes, all these instruments will be playing the same melody, unlike more modern music where different instruments tend to play in harmony.

Imagine a rock band where the rhythm and bass guitar also performed the same melody as the lead guitar! It would be chaotic, but this unison of instruments all performing the same melody works well in Celtic Music.

2. Repetition

Traditional Celtic music will have repeating melodies.

Thankfully these are typically spread out enough to have variation, but from a musicians point of view, you may have to learn very little music to perform a Celtic song; traditionally a low bar melody and a high bar melody.

This repetition in the music makes it very easy to learn when you pass the first milestones in the learning process, as well as helping the audience to recall the melodies very easily.

In addition, it makes the music very easy to predict as a musician and improvise too.

For example, you may wonder how a roaming fiddle player can turn up to a pub session and just join in without any pre-rehearsals or ever meeting the other musicians?

Yet many seasoned Celtic music musicians can bring their musical instruments along to an open Celtic music session and join in and perform very quickly with the group.

As well as some common tunes that may be widely known, because of the repetition in the music, if you have a good ear for learning music, top-class Celtic musicians can learn new Celtic music tunes on the spot

3. Music Through the Generations

Having produced music in a variety of styles, I have found that Celtic music is unique in that it is steeped in tradition.

Unlike other musical genres that I have encountered on my travels, Celtic music can run in families for years and be passed down through the generations for centuries.

It is well known that Celtic music dates back hundreds of years, and a lot of this music has been passed down through generations without being written down.

So much Celtic music has been passed from one generation to the next, just by kids listening to their parents play music at home and then learning the musical instrument themselves.

In my own family, I learnt to play fiddle from my father, who learnt from his father who learnt from his….and so it continues back through the generations.

I am sure there are other musical genres where this tradition of “passing the music” down through the generations goes on, but from my own experience, this is certainly a unique aspect of Celtic music.

Is Celtic Music Irish or Scottish?

Many people wonder where Celtic Music actually came from and many countries try to claim this amazing music genre as their own.

Celtic Music originates from the Celts, an ancient people of Europe.

Ireland and Scotland, both having large Celtic heritages, have produced vast amounts of Celtic Music.

As a result, Celtic Music has become associated heavily with the regions of Ireland and Scotland, but the music itself belongs to the Celtic People of Western Europe.

What genre is Celtic music?

Celtic music, due to its diverse heritage can be difficult to define as a music genre as it is so vast.

Typically, Celtic music is found under “World Music” in most music library genre categories.

Sometimes the terms Celtic Music and Irish Music get used interchangeably, as often Celtic Music is used to describe traditional Irish music.

However, Celtic music can be used to describe any traditional folk music associated with the ancient Celtic regions of Europe which include, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall (south-west England), Brittany (France) and Galicia (Spain).

Given the popularity of Celtic Music, it is a genre in itself and can be used to describe traditional folk music with the distinctive Celtic music style.