Victory Charge


A serious & focused royalty free music track with urgency and a fast pace creating movement and hype.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Product Description | Royalty Free Music

Fast & charging strings punctuated with urgent percussion gives this royalty free music track a focused and driving edge. Full orchestration with sweeping high strings and low mellow double bass build to create movement and speed. This production music works well as sports hype music and sport highlight music. Ideal background music for action, sport, & uplifting productions.

Product Details:
Length: 04:10
Tempo: FAST
BPM: 142
Variation: Main Theme
Alternative Mixes: YES
Genre: Orchestral | Cinematic Music | Sports Music | Action Music
Mood: Confident | Dramatic | Adventurous
Type: Action & Sports Instrumental Royalty Free Music 
Release Year
: 2012
PRS Registered: NO – no hidden fees!

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