My Story

“Music Direct From Composer to Filmmaker”

Hello, I am Louise and I have been working as a composer and music producer for ten years.

I have worked at all levels of the business from producing for artists, writing for labels, recording artists, managing sound design, writing for major production music libraries and supplying music to some of the biggest TV networks in the US including global sporting events.


Over the past 10 years I have seen a major change in how people use and licence production music.

I have seen major brands and corporations shift from spending thousands on production music to less than £10 a track.

At the same time, I have seen student filmmakers grow from 100 monthly YouTube views to millions, changing from student filmmaker to successful business owner overnight.

In response, I believe this new media world and collective of filmmakers need a new way to source their production music so I setup this community.

I offer original music to filmmakers & creatives, both business and personal users, which is pre-cleared for unlimited online & broadcast use for a low one time fee. 

So, how am I doing this?

Unique Music Licence – Equality for Content Creators

I sat down with some very talented copyright lawyers and devised a unique music licence that is not currently available to creatives elsewhere.

Why is my licence different?  Well, my music licence covers both business and personal users treating them equally.

So, if you are a professional production company, you will recognize my licence format as it meets the industry standard.

If you are an individual or amateur, your consumer rights are held firmly in place, yet, if you change to business status overnight like my student filmmaker with a viral video, you are still covered!

Amazingly, this is not the norm in the music industry right now. 

Music Directly from the Composer

Using this website, I am able to licence my music directly to you, answering your questions with no middle men.

As the composer is always the ultimate music copyright holder, if you are unsure about anything, asking the composer directly is the best way to get the correct answer.

With new copyright laws appearing all the time building a relationship directly with the composer means you are best protected against mistakes and unintentional copyright infringement as laws develop and change. We are all creatives working together on the same team.

The Future

Sourcing high quality, affordable production music directly from the composer with simple licencing will put your creative content miles ahead of the competition.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by, 


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