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This past year, the year of lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic has been a hard year for travel videos, but hopefully, as restrictions ease we can get out and about again with our cameras to make new travel memories.

I love to travel and music is a wonderful thing to help build memories. Listening to a piece of music can take you right back to a location. 

When I listen to “The Red Hot Chilli Peppers”, I am in Dublin, “” Billy Joel”, I am in Vancouver, “Tiesto”, I am in Edinburgh, and “Ludovico Einaudi” I am speeding through the beautiful countryside of Kent, England. 

When I was in these places, I listened to these artists on repeat. So when I listen to them today wherever I am in the world, they take me back to those destinations. 

Copyright Music and Travel Videos

I recently invested in a GoPro Hero 9 to capture my travels, however, when I put together my travel videos to share on YouTube, I can’t use any of these famous songs that I adore. 

Why? Because they are copyright controlled and very expensive to license. 

These famous and great road-trip songs are brilliant for when you are traveling. They are an amazing traveling soundtrack, however, if you are in the business of sharing your travel videos or making travel vlogs to post on YouTube, you will need to find more affordable and safe to use copyright music. 

I am lucky in that I write and produce music, so I can use my own music in my travel videos, without any worries. 

But if you are producing travel videos and you are not a music producer, how do you find background music that is copyright safe?

Here are some ways that you can find copyright safe music for your travel videos:

#1 – Use My Free Music 

The music I use in my travel videos, I have made available to every travel vlogger to use too.

This is free and safe access to music for travel videos which I really hope helps other producers of travel videos out.

All the music in my free royalty-free music library is free and safe to use on YouTube.

Royalty-free music is the music license type that I use to license my free music to others to use in their videos.

In a nutshell, “royalty-free music”, means that there are no future music royalties or hidden fees to be paid. You get permission to use music and off you go.

Often, there is a once-off fee to use a royalty-free music track, but sometimes you can find free royalty-free music, which is what I have created. 

Copyright of the actual music is still retained by me, but I am saying, “hey it is cool to download and use my music for free as background music in your travel adventure videos”

All I ask in return is that you add a credit to me in your video description, something like the following:

Music: or  “Song Title”  from

When you download music through my site I will send you a full commercial license, so you can prove to anyone who may ask, including YouTube, that you have permission to use the music from the composer. 

Check out my free royalty-free music library below:

browse free music library for travel videos

2 – Royalty Free Music Libraries

When looking for music for videos, especially videos for YouTube, as I said royalty-free music is a great option.

As mentioned, I license my music under “royalty free music” license terms, but my library is just one of many music resources that do this.

If you can’t find any particular you like from my free collection, why not check out some of the bigger royalty-free music libraries online?

Personally, I recommend “Shutterstock”, but a quick google of “royalty free music for travel videos” will give you lists and lists.

Just make sure that you read the license terms carefully as royalty free music does not have a standard license – terms may change between music libraries.

If for any minute you do not understand what the license terms are saying, move onto a new music library!

There are so many royalty-free music libraries online, you will most definitely find one that is simple to understand and has great music. 

go to shutterstock music library

How should I choose music for my travel video?

Once upon a time, I would have just used my latest and favorite piece of music as background music in my travel videos, however, I have learned that there are some things you can do to improve your music selection for travel videos. 

#1 – Use Music Native to the Area

I have made a lot of travel videos of the West of Ireland, where I am from.

Initially, I used rock music to create a dynamic and cool vibe of the sweeping mountains, but then I realized I had a superpower in my music compositions and that was Irish Music.

I am an Irish musician.

As soon as I replaced rock music with Celtic/Irish music in my Irish travel videos, the videos elevated to a new level. 

The sweeping mountain landscapes and Celtic/Irish music went hand in hand. You could see how music genres are inspired by the landscapes of the lands.

In hindsight it seems so obvious, to use native music of the area, but I didn’t see it!

So, if you are making travel videos to present to others, consider using music local to the area or typical of the local area.

It adds incredible authenticity to travel adventure videos. 

#2 – Use A Suitable Genre of Music

I purchased a GoPro Hero 9 this year as I want to document my sea travel adventures.

I love watersports and love to capture my travels to beaches, both in and out of the water.

When I produce surfing travel videos or water sport adventure videos, I stick to the music genre of “surf music”.

“Surf music” is a chilled and relaxed genre of music that creates a calm and cool vibe.

I am so obsessed with this genre, I had a go at writing and producing my own surf music, so have a listen below.

I find that using music typical of a genre really helps. Using this relaxed and chilled music over surfing videos seems to really work.

This is an example of how a music genre “just works” with a certain type of travel video. 

Here is a list to give you some ideas and inspiration:

Travel Guide Videos:

Try to use local or native music. 

For example, if you are giving a tour of an ancient Celtic burial site, use Celtic music. 


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Explanation Travel Videos:

These videos can typically feel more like a tutorial or presentation. As a result, upbeat music can work well. Check out “corporate music” as this search term can often reveal upbeat and positive tracks that work well as music for presentation.

Adventure Travel Videos:

If adrenaline is involved, then rock and metal music work a treat.

Action and adventure themes are often accompanied by rock music, dynamic music, or exciting music. Check out the rock and metal sections of any music library.


Heavily distorted guitar riffs and driving drums come together in this royalty free background rock music tune.

©2016 Louise Byrne Music

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Food Travel Videos:

Native or local music works best.

For example, Mexican street food should have Mexican-inspired music. Or Indian food should have music featuring authentic Indian instruments.

Shutterstock has some wonderful music from all over the world.


According to the BBC, the best vloggers are ones that build trust with their audience.  This is so true! 

Carefully considering your travel vlog soundtrack and choosing music that inspires will help your audience understand your travel destination.

A carefully curated travel vlog soundtrack is a great way to show that you pay attention to detail and care about promoting a true message about your travels. 

I am excited to do more traveling and write more music!!!