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Music for Games refers to any soundtrack or piece of music that can be used in video game development. Video game developers will take this music and sync it to their video gameplay.

Video game music is rapidly growing in popularity. Gone are the days when video game music was just a by-product of a simple 2D game with simple tones and basic synthetic sounds.

Today, video game music provides the atmosphere to complement the fantastic video graphics and wonderful game art. It is fundamental to the game story and offers immersion and all-round gaming experience.

The modern video game soundtrack is flexible in nature, and with good programming will rise and fall in sync with the gameplay.

This is an exciting new genre for composers like myself as it is more challenging than scoring a film.

The video game story will change and the video game music soundtrack needs to change to accommodate all scenarios.

The music needs to adapt to the player’s actions and whatever situation they find themselves in.

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How to License Music for Games

If you are a game developer, the amount of time, thought and creativity that you put into your video game development is precious.

To take your video game to the next level, you are going to need a good soundtrack.

In addition, it needs to be affordable.

Finally, and most importantly, it needs to be safe to use.

You need to ensure you have the rights to use the music and in the long term also.

Having to reprogramme your game because the soundtrack has licensing issues is a major problem.

In a nutshell, use a trusted music supplier that can provide you with free game music for commercial use like

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Using Louise Byrne Music for your video game music

At Louise Byrne Music, all music is offered for free to video game developers.
The video game music is supplied with a full commercial licence.
Why is video game music provided for free at Lousie Byrne Music?
Because I am a massive video game fan.
The video game industry is growing daily in size and is one of the only industries that combines, music, art, technical programming/engineering and everything else!
The only type of video game that is not supported by Louise Byrne is music-based video games. For example, games that allow a user to make new music.
My music licence does not allow my music to be repackaged or resold or used for the production of new music, therefore such games are not covered.
If in doubt, just ask me.
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Looking for some inspiration for your video game music?

Do you develop fantasy video games?

Personally I am a big fan of Skyrim and The Witcher in particular. 

Check out these music for video game soundtracks that takes inspiration from these awesome games.





Or perhaps you are more of a Sci-Fi or end of days fan?

Check out these industrial sci-fi and paranormal soundtracks inspired by the awesomeness of the video game Fallout 

Video game music and songs for games currently in production

I am a super lover of video game music and have some really exciting music currently in production, specifically for this niche genre including a retro game music collection inspired by the 90’s classics such as Super Mario and Tetris. 

All this music for video games will be available for free.

If you like it and it helps you out don’t forget to buy me a coffee. It keeps the brain working and the music flowing 🙂

Happy game development!

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