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From understanding studio speaker specifications and types to product reviews and tips

Choosing the right speakers for your content creation is fundamental to producing good quality audio.

From studio monitors to hi-fi speakers, there are a vast variety of loudspeakers on the market from cheap to outrageously expensive.

Understanding your loudspeakers and how to use them can help you improve the audio mix and finished audio master, ensuring that your content sounds great across all online platforms and devices. 

From videos to podcasts, to audiobooks and everything in between, audio quality is essential to excellent content creation and speakers are a fundamental tool for any content creator. 

Budget Speaker: ESI aktiv 05 Active Studio Monitors

Price Range: [$260-$270]

Why we like it: I was very suspicious of these ESI monitors when they first came on the market given the low price. However, after working with their big sister for six months, the ESI Near08, I cannot believe the quality ESI can produce for the price range. These are 5-inch woofers, so physically on the smaller side, but they have very good bass extension and detailed sound. If you are on a budget but want to get good quality for your budget, these are worth looking at. 

Compared to the competition: In this price range it is hard to find a studio monitor that will compete. The build quality and sound makes these a very affordable option for the budget project studio. 

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Intermediate Speaker: Yamaha HS5 Active Studio Monitors

Price Range: [$390-$410]

Why we like it: I have always liked the sound quality produced by Yamaha and I am a career long user of the Yamaha NS-10s. These Yamaha HS5 studio speakers have excellent sound clarity and range. Generally, these speakers have a very neutral sound response making them very good for mixing and mastering audio. As a tool for working with audio, these speakers are very revealing. Personally I would like some more bass, but given the small size, the bass extension is within normal expectations. 

Compared to the competition: There are quite a few other 5-inch speakers on the market the easily compete with the Yamaha HS5s in this price range. Some notable alternatives worth listening too are the PreSonus Eris E5 Active Studio Monitors or the Mackie CR5-X 5″ Multimedia Monitor if you want a studio speaker the doubles up as a monitor for mixing audio and also nice for general listening. 

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Pro Studio Speakers: ESI uniK 08+ Active Studio Monitors

Price Range: [$695-$710]

Why we like it: ESI have really impressed me with the high quality build and excellent sound that they can produce for the price. Plus these speakers look great with the orange 8″ Kevlar curved cone. They are really well built and have good sound clarity and a nice bass extension. A great tool for any studio.

Compared to the competition: Given the price, these speakers are hard to beat in this price range. When it comes to value for money, these speakers sound and look great. Good bass extension is hard to find at this price. These ESI studio speakers tick all the boxes for me. 

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Pro Studio Speakers: Mackie HR824 MKS Active Monitors

Price Range: [$1900-$2010]

Why we like it: I love these Mackie studio monitors as they are an exceptional tool for mixing and mastering audio professionally. My favourite aspect of these speakers is the excellent bass extension and clarity in the low frequency region. From all the speakers I have ever worked with, I found these speakers handle bass the best. For anyone who has mixed and mastered music, controlling bass is a difficult task and a tool like these Mackie speakers will give you confidence when working with bass. 

Compared to the competition: When you get into this price range you are talking about excellent quality professional studio monitors. This is the range where us audio nerds start fighting about what sounds best! Other notable speakers that compete at this price are the Genelec 8020D Studio Monitors.

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