your pre-cleared music licence covers…

The licence included as part of your purchase covers the use of music for….

Personal Use

Commercial Use

Student Use

The licence covers the use of the music in productions across all online & social media platforms, for example…



All Social Media Platforms

The licence covers all broadcast mediums both online and terrestrial, with unlimited online streams

TV Broadcast

Radio Broadcast

Online Broadcast

The licence covers the majority of media production types, for example…

Film Productions

Cinema & Theatre


Apps & Software Programs


All Online Content


Corporate & Training Videos

The licence has the following restrictions….


You cannot resell the music.


You cannot sample the music to use in music only productions. For example, if you are a music composer or DJ, you cannot sample this music for your own musical works or music productions.


You are purchasing a licence to use the music only. Copyright is retained and owned by Louise Byrne Music.