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Celtic ambient royalty free music, with reminiscent Irish flutes building to delicate Irish harp, Celtic light melodies & Irish folk percussion.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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Music Description:

This is a simple Irish music fiddle melody.

The building intro featuring a gentle low flute and harp combine with a light string ensemble. This intro builds to the jaunty fiddle melody with dynamic folk percussion featuring the bodhrán which is a traditional Irish music instrument. 

This Celtic / Irish royalty free music could make an excellent soundtrack for fantasy video games or videos and content needing a theme of nostalgia, magic and discovery. 

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Composer Notes on this Irish Music

King Bran in this song is referring to “King Brian Boru”, a former high king of Ireland.  I was obsessed with the story of Brian Boru growing up and this song is inspired by his life. The title “King Bran” stuck due to a mis-spelling by a record label when it was first released! 

This Celtic tune starts slowly with a flute calling out. There is a sense of longing in this melody. The answer to this flute call is given in the form of a happy harp melody and jig style fiddle melody.

After the slow opening, the tune then progresses to include light war drums which is a nod to King Borus’ life of war and conquest and the pace quickens to an Irish slip jig tempo. 

It was rumoured that King Brian Boru was also a harpist so I felt it was important to include this royal instrument. 

Lighthearted, upbeat and jaunty this Irish music tune is ideal music for videos, podcasts or any online content needing authentic Celtic music or Irish music flavour. 

PS – If you would like to learn more about Brian Boru and his famous harp, check out my blog about Irish music.

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Music by Louise Byrne |  https://louisebyrnemusic.com/

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