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How Do I Find Free Music To Use In iMovie?

To find free music to use in iMovie it is best to search for royalty free music. The cost of royalty-free music depends on the music provider. Often there is a one-time license fee to pay however there are many great resources that offer royalty-free music, for free.

This website offers royalty free music for free which can be imported into iMovie to use as background music in your personal or commercial video projects.

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Here is a quick summary of the terms for the free royalty free music available on this site which can be used in iMovie as background music:

  • All music is free.
  • .WAV & .MP3 file formats are available to download which is compatible with later versions of iMovie
  • A full license is sent with each song so you know you have permission to use the music and can prove this to anyone who asks.
  • The music can be used as background music in videos for both personal and business use. 
  • You must give a credit to the composer as follows:

Music: or  “Song Title”  from 

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What is royalty free music?

Royalty free music, such as the music supplied on this site is a simple music license type that gives a music user permission to use the music in their videos and content without any future royalties or hidden fees to be paid.

Royalty free music is a term that emerged in the early 2000s when YouTube began to surge and there was a big demand for a simple music license type that allowed video-makers to quickly and easily use music in their videos. 

You should always check the terms of each royalty free music license as the terms of use may differ between music suppliers. 

For the royalty free music on this site, you can check out a summary of the royalty-free music license here

Is royalty free music always free?

The cost of royalty free music will depend on the music provider. The cost can vary from free to hundreds to pounds. 

For example, I do not charge anything for my royalty free music, I just ask that you ensure the music is credited to me in your video credits. 

Other royalty free music suppliers such as Shutterstock will charge £13.25 per month for unlimited access to thousands of tracks, for example. 

Which music provider you use will depend on your needs. 

If you are producing lots of videos regularly, then a subscription to a large royalty free music library such as Shutterstock might be a good idea.

However, if you are happy with a smaller, more unique collection you could stick to a site like my own where you have original royalty free music from one artist, but the quantity of songs to choose from is a lot smaller. 

Personally, I always recommend a combination of royalty free music libraries to content creators, to keep your music supply fresh and unique. 

What audio file formats does iMovie support?

iMovie supports a variety of audio file formats including MP3, WAV, M4A, AIFF, and AAC. 

When you download royalty free music from this site for use with iMovie, you will be supplied with WAv file format and a high quality .MP3 file format, both file types will be compatible with iMovie. 

Should I use .WAV or MP3 files with iMovie?

Personally, I always recommend using .WAV file format if you are doing broadcast-quality audio, however, the big problem with .WAV files is their file size. 

For the majority of content creators using an MP3 file will work just fine and will save you a lot of hardware storage. 

Can I use this music in iMovie & YouTube?

Yes, the free royalty free music on this site can be used for videos posted on YouTube.

Please remember to add a music credit to Louise Byrne as per the following.

Music: or  “Song Title”  from 

This can be done in the edit credits of your video or in the video description on YouTube. 

This will help others find my free music resource. 🙂

Why is your royalty free music, free?

I like making my music available for free. It gives me lots of good karma vibes 🙂

I am always so happy and delighted when people use my music in their work as it is always an honor to contribute to another’s creative project also.

If you would like to support my free music library, feel free to buy me a coffee as this will support the future production of free music. 

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