How Can I Avoid Music Copyright Strikes On Instagram?

Whether you are an influencer or just a casual user on Instagram who likes to post stories or reels, it can often be daunting when posting videos just in case you breach music copyright regulations.

This article will outline what music copyright strikes are, when Instagram will notify you of a breach, and how to progress with an appeal or avoid further strikes from occurring on your account.

In 2020 it was released that Instagram would send a notification to users via a pop-up if they were breaching music copyright laws and warn them their post would be taken down.

Before posting and using someone else’s music you should know your rights or have permission from the musician to use that particular music. This is to avoid breaking music copyright law.

Instagram does reiterate its policies around using music in stories, live videos, and when posting live music performances on your main feed, and if you do want to dig deeper into their music policies, you can find them <here>.

In a nutshell, if you use copy-righted songs you may get an Instagram copyright strike. There is no truly safe way around this. You need to have permission to use music to avoid a copyright strike.

Many people believe that if they use a shorter amount of music, they will avoid a copyright strike, for example, less than 30 seconds, however, there is no “minimum amount of time” that you can use copyrighted music legally without permission.

Most songs you use for a couple are seconds will not be flagged, however, this is due to the fact that the music detection software may not have picked up the music in that short time.

How will Instagram let you know if you have breached?

Firstly, if you are unsure of Instagram’s copyright policies, you can check out their policies <here> in greater detail. Taking a browse through these policies will really help you understand how copyright and Instagram work.

There is little point in me reproducing their copyright information when it is safer and better to go straight to Instagram or Facebook for the latest information. Go right to the source!

In scenarios where you use music, and a user reports you, then Instagram will remove your post and outline why they have removed it.

Sometimes it will even outline the person’s details who reported but this is only in some cases. This offers you a chance to contact them directly and justify your reasons or send an apology or understand why they reported.


In most cases, if you infringe on someone else’s copyright music, the post is taken down and as long as you leave it down there shouldn’t be any more problems.

Sometimes you can appeal if you don’t think you have been treated fairly. You can either appeal or use a DMCA counter-notice, however, always make sure you haven’t violated any guidelines before trying to pursue this route.

Having more than one copyright strike?

If you continue to have copyright strikes, then you may get a more serious penalty. If you continue to violate Instagram guidelines and they have repeatedly told you then you may have your Instagram disabled or removed totally.

Obviously, you may be able to reactivate it, but this isn’t always guaranteed. It is always better to avoid using any music that you are unsure of or only use the music Instagram offers for a set amount of time.

Where can I download free music for Instagram?

All the music on is free and safe to use on Instagram.

You can download free music for Instragram here. Happy content creating!

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