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Best Places to Find Free Music for Videos on YouTube

Free Music for Videos on YouTube

Finding free music for videos on YouTube can be a long difficult task and with the massive supply of background music suppliers online, it can be hard to navigate the lists of endless music companies to find what you are looking for. 

To create high-quality content, finding the right background music is essential and content creators and YouTubers can spend hours googling and navigating sites, looking for that perfect 30-second intro music that is free and can be used for their YouTube videos which they plan to monetize.

However, terms such as “royalty free music”, “free music”, “copyright free music”, “creative commons music”, “YouTube Content ID cleared music” and so many more license terms are all shoved together in one great big melting pot and most content creators grasp onto one music supplier that makes sense and sticks with them, regardless of cost, quality or variety. 

So, have you spent hours googling to find a trustworthy source of free music for videos on YouTube or just free music for your video and content in general that is legal to use?

I have done the same many times looking for trustworthy sources of free music to download for YouTube videos and stock music libraries offering free music for YouTube videos. 

Therefore, I have made a shortlist of the best sources of free music for YouTube that meet the following criteria:

  1. Music suppliers that have simple to navigate and understand websites.
  2. Music that has simple and clear music license terms.
  3. Music suppliers that have simple instructions on how to download the music for YouTube.
  4. License terms which allow me to monetize my video. 

As a result, here are the best places to find free music for videos on YouTube and the reasons why. 

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1.  Louise Byrne Music

Why we recommend it:

Louise Byrne Music is a single artist-run website and is home to hundreds of high-quality royalty free music tracks which have been used by major brands internationally.  All music for download is free and comes with a full commercial licence so you can use it in your YouTube videos for free and other content outside of YouTube for personal or business use.


✔️ Free music for videos on YouTube.

✔️ All free music is of high quality and offered in MP3 and WAV format.

✔️ A full commercial licence is issued with an invoice to prove you can use the music legally. 

✔️ Instant download 


➡️ Composer requests a music credit to be added if you use the music as per the following example:

Music by: or Music: “Song Title” from

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2.  Bensound

Why we recommend it:

Bensound is a single artist-run website, offering a variety of high-quality music that is free to download for YouTube videos. The website is easy to use and navigate. Bensound music is free with attribution which means that you must add credit to Bensound if using his work for free. 


✔️ Free music for videos on YouTube.

✔️ Good selection and variety of tracks.

✔️ Easy to navigate website with instant music downloads.


➡️ If you cannot or don’t want to add a credit to Bensound you must purchase a Pro Licence

➡️ If you need high-quality files (MP3 or Wav) you need to buy a Pro Licence. 

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3. YouTube Audio Library

Why we recommend it:

YouTube offers an extensive library of free songs for YouTube.

These songs could be free to use (for example public domain songs) or licensed under a Creative Commons licence. 

The Audio Library is found exclusively in YouTube studio and if you have a YouTube account you can access them for your content. 


✔️ Excellent search functionality and massive variety.

✔️ Already part of the YouTube platform.


➡️ Your content is music cleared for YouTube only.  At the time of writing this, there is no definitive indication that you can legally use the music outside of the YouTube platform – for example, go on to show your video on an alternative website or submitting your content to a film festival.  

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4.  Incompetech

IncompeTech is another artist-run website with free music downloads with an extensive variety of genres. 

All tracks are created by Kevin MacLeod who has been running this site for years and has helped thousands of filmmakers and content creators out by supplying free music for film and free music for videos on YouTube. 

Similar to Bensound and Louise Byrne Music, with attribution you can download and use the music in a variety of projects for free, including YouTube. 

The music is licenced under the “Creative Commons” license. 


✔️ Free music for Youtube with attribution. 

✔️ Great variety of tracks.

✔️ Clear licence terms and FAQs


➡️ For free music downloads, you have to make an attribution under the Creative Commons licence request.

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Bonus Content: A Free Music Licensing Checklist

Would you like a free music license checklist to help you find the best free music to download for your YouTube videos?

Click below to download for free.

Download Link to Music Licensing Checklist for Filmmakers


There are so many websites offering free music for YouTube, it is overwhelming.

These are deemed the best sites to get free music for YouTube because:

  1. The music library is simple to navigate.
  2. They have very clear instructions on what they expect in return for their free music. 

If you want a reliable and reusable stock music library for YouTube videos that you can keep coming back to, the above list will cover all types and genres of music under the sun and for free.

I recommend that you bookmark all of the above so when it comes to finding the right music for your Youtube videos, you can browse the above stock music libraries to find the perfect track.

Between these top sites, you will have covered every genre of music out there and will have thousands of free music tracks for YouTube at your fingertips. 

Do you have a reliable source of free music for YouTube that you love?

Please drop the link in the comments below and I will check them out. 

Happy producing! 

Louise Byrne Music Producer Profile

Louise Byrne is a UK based Songwriter and Music Producer who produces music for filmmakers, music for video, music for video game development & content creators.

Her music has been used globally by major broadcasting houses & brands incluiding MTV, Discovery Channel, Discovery Science Channel, The History Channel, Fox Sports, VISA, BBC, NBC Sports & many more.


Disclaimer: This blog is intended as a guide only for educational and informational purposes. It is not legal advice. The content contained in this article is not legal advice or a legal opinion on any specific matter or matters.