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Slow, calm and contemplative royalty free music with building orchestration and heroic themes.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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Music Description:

This is a slow, calm and contemplative royalty free music tune. Featuring traditional Irish music instruments such as delicate Irish harp and flutes, this falls into the genre of an Irish traditional slow air melody.

With a magical, mystical and nostalgic element, this royalty free music would be suitable music for adventurous or epic content and media.

Featuring full orchestral strings and percussion this battlefield theme sets up the perfect musical background for heroic themed content.

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Composer Notes on this Background Music

Irish Music and Celtic Music are genres I grew up playing. Listening to legends of ancient Irish Kings such as Brian Boru has inspired a lot of my Irish and Celtic Music.

In this track, we hear soft drones introducing a soft fiddle melody with a delicate harp underscore. 

The tone is reminiscent and nostalgic. This soft introduction builds with a tin whistle and additional violins to a strong and dominant battle march. The uilleann pipes combined with dramatic war drums build on the melody to give the feeling of an army on the march, returning home from victory or marching towards it. 

The musical instruments featured in this track are traditional of Irish music, however, the additional drones and war drums move this song into the genre of Celtic Music

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Music by Louise Byrne |


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A slow & calming royalty free music harp melody with traditional Irish music instruments and gentle synths.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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