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Dark and expressive royalty free music with tense strings and a brooding atmosphere.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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Music Overview:

This is a serious and dramatic royalty free music tune. Choirs and dominant strings feature heavily in this music to create a sense of importance.  The repetitive percussive underscore create a perfect atmosphere for concentration and feeling of working towards a goal be it a corporate or sports environment.

Composer Notes on this Dramatic Music

Calm and contemplative, this royalty free music features a slow and relaxed orchestral score.

Choirs are used in this tune with staccato violins and cellos to create a sombre and relaxed space for concentration. 

Rising and calling horns join the building percussion to create a mellow and flowing track. In this music, I try to keep the melody in the background so it is not intrusive to the listener.

This music was composed as part of my music for sports documenting an athletes journey through music.  This song evokes feelings of concentration, meditation, hard work, perseverance and determination which is needed to achieve a goal.

This idea of focus and achieving a goal is a universal theme, found across multiple genres making this a good soundtrack for a variety of multimedia project from podcasts to yoga videos to music for videos on YouTube and more. 

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