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General FAQ

How do I get free music?

Add the music you want to the cart and proceed to the checkout.

As the music is free, there is no charge. No credit card or payment details are required. 

By “proceeding through the checkout” this allows us to issue you with a licence number (your order number) and deliver the tracks to your email. 

You will able to download tracks instantly after proceeding through the checkout.

Download links are sent directly to your email also. 

In addition, a free account is automatically created for you. You can log into your account at any time to access your tracks or see a record of downloads.

If you do experience any problems downloading your music, please contact us and we will sort it out ASAP.

What music format is sent to me?

You have the option to download .WAV files and .MP3 files.

It is recommend that you use the broadcast quality .WAV file for television, radio and any such production where it allows. Many customers will need high quality MP3 files for web based projects such as website background music or similar.

Both format types .WAV & .MP3 options are included with your purchase so you have the flexibility to choose either format.

Will you share my email with anyone?

No. We 100% respect your privacy and are GDRP compliant.

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Licence FAQ

Can I re-record or sample your music in my own musical works?

No. The Licence Agreement does not cover re-recording or sampling in your own musical work.

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Can I re-record your music and make my own song from it?

No – copyright is always retained by Louise Byrne Music. You cannot re-record or reproduce the music in new music works.

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Can I add lyrics to your music and make a new song?

No – copyright is always retained by Louise Byrne Music. You cannot use the music to create new music works.

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How many times can I use the track I purchased?

You (the Licence Holder) can use the track in multiple productions or creative works.

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Do I have to give you a music credit?


Please display credits as:

Music by: or Music: “Song Title” from

Can I edit, extend or shorten the music?

Yes. You can modify the song tempo & length to synchronize to your production as needed.

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NFT Creation

Can I use your stock music for my NFT creation?


NFTs require the transfer of music copyright and ownership.

When you download music form Louise Byrne Music, you are granted a licence to use the music as background in your content.

The ownership of the music always belongs to Louise Byrne Music, and cannot be used in NFT creation. 

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YouTube & Content ID

Can I use your music on YouTube?

You can use my music in your YouTube videos.

You cannot use my music in the following types of YouTube videos

1 – Music Only Videos.

Videos on YouTube where the main content is the music, then this is not allowed.

For example, if you are creating atmosphere videos or music playlists to get views, then this is not allowed. 

In this instance you are monetising the music directly, which is against the terms of use. 

2 – Music Playlist Videos

You cannot use my music is videos that are solely focused on music.

For example, music playlist videos or “The Best Celtic Music Playlist” music videos. 

These are examples where you are monetising the music directly which is against he terms of use. 

The music can only be used a s background music.

I have been sent a copyright claim on Youtube or Facebook – what do I do?

Youtube and Facebook use a recognition software that scans music in videos and checks the copyright ownership. If it believes that you are using music illegally, they will send you a copyright notice.

Our tracks are not registered in any Content ID system. If you have had a copyright notice one of two things has happened:

1 – It is a “false positive” or in other words, their software got it wrong. 

2 – Someone is trying to steal our music by illegally registering it and making a false claim

This is what you should do:

Step 1:

Contest the claim and do not remove your video. If you purchased our music you are allowed to use it in your video productions.

Step 2:

When asked for a reason from YouTube check: “I have a license or written permission from the proper rights holder to use this material”

Step 3:

When you buy a track from us you are sent a full licence agreement in PDF format. Attach this to your claim and put our website link in your reply. You are also sent a receipt of purchase from us. You can also attached this and send to YouTube for full evidence of purchase. This will show YouTube that you have legally obtained your music from us.

Step 4:

Finally, please contact us and tell us. This will allow us to investigate to ensure no-one is stealing our music or using it illegally and causing problems for our customers. We too will follow up with YouTube or Facebook and do everything we can to help to prevent any streaming issues or hold up. 

Remember, our music is YouTube safe and you have full permission to use our music on YouTube.

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