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Louise Byrne

Hello I am Louise!

Music Producer & Engineer

I am obsessed with studio gear!

When I was ten years old I built my first recording studio from broken tape decks, headphones and blankets wrapped in chicken wire in a crazy attempt to acoustically treat an empty cow shed 🐮 😂

Since then, as well as studying Music Production, I also studied a Degree in Electronic Engineering and Masters in Advanced Engineering Design, with a special focus on acoustics and product design of professional audio products. I am crazy about studio gear and production as both a music producer and designer. I can’t get enough!

Over the years I have demoed and purchased all sorts of studio gear, training, acoustic treatment, studio design, sound proofing, microphones, software, headphones and all other bits and bobs that are essential tools for anyone who works as an audio professional and content creator.

I hope the gear and tools in these guides will help you learn from my mistakes as well as benefit from my experience and successes. 

I will keep adding to this list as I am always upgrading and trying new things so be sure to check it out periodically. 

Affiliate Disclaimer:  Many of the links in these guides are affiliate links at no extra cost to you. This means that I will earn a commission or receive financial compensation if you decide to purchase one of the products and click on the link in these guides. This really helps in keeping my music library and information resources free! I only recommend products that I have direct experience with or have chosen because I believe they are beneficial to fellow content creators. 


From headphones to microphones to studio speakers – recording and monitoring audio is an essential skill for all content creators.

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