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Audio guides and tools for Video Makers, Gamers, YouTubers and Content Creators. 

Audio Studio Gear

From headphones to microphones to studio speakers – recording and monitoring audio is an essential skill for all content creators.

Headphone Information

From understanding specifications to buyer guides

Microphone Information

From understanding specifications to buyer guides

Studio Speaker Information

From understanding specifications to buyer guides

Acoustic Design & Recording

It’s all about that bass – and making sure it does not sound muddy and mess up your audio quality 😊 Learning about room acoustics and the tools available to help you improve your room and recording acoustics will help you up your game in your content creation.

Studio Acoustics

From acoustic foam to placement

Audio Production

From Podcast production to Audiobook creation, learn some interesting and helpful hints and tips to help you make your content sound good.

Podcast Production

From setup to editing

Audiobook Production

From DIY recording to hiring voice talent

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