Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQ

How can I get free tracks?
If you sign up to our website, for free, you will be emailed when free tracks are uploaded – and will be able to download them directly from our website.

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How secure is shopping in the Online Shop?
All payments are handled, securely, by Paypal, so are 100% secure. You do not need a Paypal account – you can use most credit/debit cards.

What exactly happens after ordering?
You will able to download tracks instantly after paying. Links are sent directly to your email.

What music format is sent to me?
After you purchase a track you will have the option to download .WAV files and .MP3 files. It is recommend that you use the broadcast quality .WAV file for television, radio and any such production where it allows. Many customers will need high quality MP3 files for web based projects such as website background music or similar. Both format types .WAV & .MP3 options are included with your purchase.

Will you share my email with anyone?
No. We 100% respect your privacy.

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If you have any specific questions, please email us using the form on the right

Licence FAQ

Can I re-record or sample your music in my own musical works?
No. The Licence Agreement does not cover re-recording or sampling in your own musical work.

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How many times can I use the track I purchased?
You (the Licence Holder) can use the track in multiple productions or creative works.

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Do you have any free music?
If you sign up to our website, for free, you will be able to access five free tracks and will then be emailed when the monthly bonus tack becomes available.

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