Music for Kids

Children’s Instrumental Background Music

Choosing music for kids is a really important task. Children are the best critics when it comes to music. They know exactly what they like and what they love. 

Whether you are looking for children’s music to keep kids entertained, have a teaching project that requires kids’ music, or just need children’s background music for your content and productions, finding great kids’ music can be daunting.

There are many sources of free children’s instrumental background music however finding reliable downloads of such music is a little harder to find. 

Where can I get free children’s instrumental background music?

Below you will find a collection of royalty-free children’s music which are all instrumentals (no lyrics) and can be downloaded in MP3s or WAV format. 

The Kids & Comedy Playtime Collection

This is a collection of free children’s music that is happy and fun!  This music will get kids to play and have fun. 

From happy jingles to playful themes, this kid’s music will get kids in a cheerful mood!

The Children’s Lullabies Collection

This is a collection of free children’s background music that is mellow and calm.

With lots of lullabies and delicate melodies, this is great music to build a calm and peaceful mood. 

You can download this children’s music for free. It comes with a full royalty-free music licence. 

You can use this kids music as background music in your content, productions, learning projects, and a vast array of other media outlets. 

Check out the full license terms here for more information and please remember to add a music credit to the composer as follows:

Music: or  “Song Title”  from 

This children’s music is free to download.  If you have any questions about how you can use this music, just get in touch. 

Is this free children’s music available to stream?

If you are looking to stream this children’s background music, you can find the playtime collection on all major streaming platforms including Spotify.

Here is this children’s music on Spotify.

At the time of writing, the lullaby collection is not released but this should be available by the summer of 2021. 

You can follow me on Spotify to get a notification of when the lullaby collection will be available to stream. 

Can I use this music for children’s video games?

My children’s music collections can be used as theme music or background in video game development.

From cute to fun to happy, this background music will give an upbeat and engaging atmosphere when used as background music for video games.

When you download my music you are provided with both MP3 and WAV files.

If you are using my children’s music in video game development projects, I recommend you use .WAV files as MP3 does not loop cleanly. 

To find out why MP3 files do not loop well and to learn more about the best file format for video game development, check out this article. 

Where can I find more children’s instrumental background music?

There are some great paid-for options if you are looking for a wider variety of children’s instrumental background music. 

Both DL Sounds & Shutterstock have great music for kids available. 

As well as having a large collection of royalty-free kids music, Shutterstock also has a large library of media so if you are producing content for children then their stock medial is also a great source for content creators