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Download free music for video game development. Learn about the best music for video games and what makes a great video game soundtrack

space music

Best Free Space Game Music and Space Sound Effects

From “No Man’s Sky” to “Outer Worlds” and everything in between, space-themed video games are an amazing genre for enthusiastic video game developers. As well as imaginative worlds and fantastic technology, a great space or sci-fi game soundtrack can contribute massively to the awe-inspiring imagery and gamer experience of these other worlds. Space Music versus […]

medieval music

Medieval Music for Game Development

From Assassins Creed to The Witcher and everything in between, there is no doubt that the soundtracks to these fantasy-based medieval games are awesome and contribute massive amounts of enjoyment and ambiance to the spirit of the game.  As a game developer, finding original and unique medieval music or fantasy music can be a challenge, […]

youtube gaming channel

What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel?

To start a gaming YouTube channel you will need an appropriate PC or hardware, capture card/software, a microphone, video/audio editing software, and a plan to build your audience online through social media or marketing.  YouTube is a true media revolution in today’s day and age. While I miss what I deem as “The Golden Age […]