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Download free music for video game development. Learn about the best music for video games and what makes a great video game soundtrack

girl gaming channel on YouTube

Should I Start Gaming on YouTube or Twitch?

The thought has more than likely crossed all gamer’s minds at some point in time. We spend so much time with our eyes glued to our monitors and our hands clasped firmly around our controllers, we may as well be broadcasting or recording what we do and maybe provide some entertainment to people, right? Heck, […]

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Where Can I Download Free Game Background Music?

From game developers to game players, finding good free game background music is like slaying your first dragon. Free game background music can be downloaded from multiple sites, however, ensure you get a written music licence agreement that proves you can use the music and if you are looping the music for game development, avoid […]

spotify royalty free music

Is There Royalty Free Music On Spotify?

If you are looking for royalty free music on Spotify, you are most likely looking for easy and safe to stream music that you can use as background music in your Twitch, YouTube or Mixer streams and avoid the hassle of downloading actual audio files. As a general rule, there is royalty free music on […]

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Background Music for Games | Listen, Stream or Download

Getting the right soundtrack for your games – be it as a livestreamer or a video game developer – is a fundamental task. Background music for games, or gaming music (also known as BGM (Background Game Music) or VGM (Video Game Music) is music that can be used as background music in video games. These […]

space music

Best Free Space Game Music and Space Sound Effects

From “No Man’s Sky” to “Outer Worlds” and everything in between, space-themed video games are an amazing genre for enthusiastic video game developers. As well as imaginative worlds and fantastic technology, a great space or sci-fi game soundtrack can contribute massively to the awe-inspiring imagery and gamer experience of these other worlds. Space Music versus […]

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Medieval Music for Game Development

From Assassins Creed to The Witcher and everything in between, there is no doubt that the soundtracks to these fantasy-based medieval games are awesome and contribute massive amounts of enjoyment and ambiance to the spirit of the game.  As a game developer, finding original and unique medieval music or fantasy music can be a challenge, […]

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What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Gaming YouTube Channel?

To start a gaming YouTube channel you will need an appropriate PC or hardware, capture card/software, a microphone, video/audio editing software, and a plan to build your audience online through social media or marketing.  YouTube is a true media revolution in today’s day and age. While I miss what I deem as “The Golden Age […]