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From music for sports to the history of Irish music, learn about musical genres and what they are.

robotic man listening to futuristic music

Futuristic Music | Listen, Stream or Download for Free

Futuristic music can mean different things to different people. It is a fascinating music style that can be perfect in creating just the right atmosphere in any media content from video games to movies. As a general rule, the definition of futuristic music covers a wide style of music. It is not one particular genre […]

relaxing celtic music

Relaxing Celtic Music | Listen, Stream or Download for Free

I have grown up listening to, composing and performing Celtic Music and it is one of my favourite genres of music. As a whole, relaxing Celtic music is one of the most effective genres of music to help achieve a calm state. In modern Celtic music or new-age Celtic music, the soft drones of the […]

shows kids music and kid musical instruments

Music for Kids | Listen, Stream, Download

As someone who grew up in a musical family, with music as a central feature from a very early age, I personally believe that all music regardless of genre is music for kids, as long as the lyrics and song topics are age-appropriate. That said, I do compose music for kids which focuses on the […]

What Is The Best Music To Ease Anxiety?

We all suffer from anxiety at some stage in our lives, but for some of us (myself included), anxiety is a crippling emotion that is with us constantly. Personally, I am really interested in the area of Music Therapy and using music as a possible treatment for anxiety, I know from my own personal experiences […]