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Learn about royalty free music, no copyright music and the various different types of music licenses that effect filmmakers and content creators.

spotify royalty free music

Is There Royalty Free Music On Spotify?

If you are looking for royalty free music on Spotify, you are most likely looking for easy and safe to stream music that you can use as background music in your Twitch, YouTube or Mixer streams and avoid the hassle of downloading actual audio files. As a general rule, there is royalty free music on […]

music copyright and giving credit

Can I Use Copyrighted Music If I Give Credit?

Finding free and safe to use copyrighted music that you can use legally in your content is essential for creators. As a general rule, you can not use copyrighted music simply by giving credit. You must have permission from the music copyright owner before using music in your content and projects. It is a nice […]

How many seconds of song can you use without copyright

How Many Seconds Of A Song Can You Use Without Copyright?

There is a very common myth and misconception amongst music users, that limiting a piece of music to 5, 15 or 30 seconds will avoid copyright problems, however, this is not true. As a general rule, you cannot use copyrighted music without permission, regardless of the length of music used. Any use of copyrighted music […]

royalty free music for commercial use

Can Royalty Free Music Be Used For Commercial Use?

Background music is a valuable resource for businesses and content creators which can make a world of difference in building your brand and promoting your message. As a general rule, royalty-free music from a professional music library can be used for commercial use, however, every music library will have its own terms and conditions so […]

youtube audio library and copyright

Is The YouTube Audio Library Copyright Free?

The YouTube Audio Library is a wonderful source of free to use and copyright safe music for content creators on YouTube. From sound effects to awesome epic tracks, the YouTube Audio Library has a good collection of music tracks that is constantly growing. The music featured in the YouTube Audio Library is not copyright free, […]

copyright music

Can You Use Copyrighted Music If You Aren’t Making Money?

As a musician and royalty-free music library owner, I often get asked if it is OK to use copyrighted music if you are not making money. You must get permission to use copyright music in your project, regardless of how much money a project makes. Projects that are not making money, must still obtain permission […]


How Can I Avoid Music Copyright Strikes On Instagram?

Whether you are an influencer or just a casual user on Instagram who likes to post stories or reels, it can often be daunting when posting videos just in case you breach music copyright regulations. This article will outline what music copyright strikes are, when Instagram will notify you of a breach, and how to […]

Are lofi songs copyrighted?

Lofi music refers to the audio quality of a tune and just like regular hifi music, most lofi music is copyrighted. You can still legally use lofi copyrighted music if you get permission from the musical artist or find a lofi royalty free music supplier or creative commons music license option.  Because lofi music lacks […]

free music for film festivals

Can You Use Royalty Free Music On YouTube For Film Festivals

If you are not already aware, YouTube has an extensive library of royalty free music and no copyright music available on its platform for YouTube video makers. You can find it here: This music is already pre-cleared for use on YouTube. The great advantage of this music is that it is YouTube copyright strike […]

free music for YouTube

Free Music for YouTube

With users watching about one billion hours of YouTube videos each day, (yes, each day!), if you are in the business of content creation, YouTube is a platform you cannot ignore.  Therefore, finding free music for YouTube that is high quality and safe to use is essential,  There are many places where you can download […]