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Download free royalty free music for your content, including music for videos on YouTube, music for video games and music for films.

interview background music

Interview Background Music | Where to find and how to use

Using background music in interviews is a wonderful way to promote the tone of your interviews, create engagement with your audience and enhance your message by evoking certain feelings in your listener. Interview background music is used to enhance the atmosphere of a narration, conversation, or interview. Many podcasters, broadcasters, and YouTubers use interview background […]

travel vlog music

Music for Travel

This past year, the year of lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic has been a hard year for travel videos, but hopefully, as restrictions ease we can get out and about again with our cameras to make new travel memories. I love to travel and music is a wonderful thing to help build memories. Listening to […]

space music

Best Free Space Game Music and Space Sound Effects

From “No Man’s Sky” to “Outer Worlds” and everything in between, space-themed video games are an amazing genre for enthusiastic video game developers. As well as imaginative worlds and fantastic technology, a great space or sci-fi game soundtrack can contribute massively to the awe-inspiring imagery and gamer experience of these other worlds. Space Music versus […]

podcast music

Music for Podcasts

Podcasts can really benefit from using short pieces of music as it can make the podcast broadcast more engaging and help your listener remember who you are and what you are saying.  As I am writing this article I am currently listening to a podcast! The particular podcast I am listening to uses music brilliantly […]

Free sci-fi music

“Transform” – Free Sci-Music Track – DMCA Free Music

What is this royalty-free music about? Low strings, cellos, and violas with light drums build to a somber and respectful french horn melody.  The mood is serious and pensive, filled with concentration and focus.  The orchestral underscore of strings and horns is joined by a female choir. This gives a majestic and sense of importance […]