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Download free royalty free music for your content, including music for videos on YouTube, music for video games and music for films.

free gamer music

Where Can I Download Free Game Background Music?

From game developers to game players, finding good free game background music is like slaying your first dragon. Free game background music can be downloaded from multiple sites, however, ensure you get a written music licence agreement that proves you can use the music and if you are looping the music for game development, avoid […]

spotify royalty free music

Is There Royalty Free Music On Spotify?

If you are looking for royalty free music on Spotify, you are most likely looking for easy and safe to stream music that you can use as background music in your Twitch, YouTube or Mixer streams and avoid the hassle of downloading actual audio files. As a general rule, there is royalty free music on […]

royalty free music for commercial use

Can Royalty Free Music Be Used For Commercial Use?

Background music is a valuable resource for businesses and content creators which can make a world of difference in building your brand and promoting your message. As a general rule, royalty-free music from a professional music library can be used for commercial use, however, every music library will have its own terms and conditions so […]

background music for games

Background Music for Games | Listen, Stream or Download

Getting the right soundtrack for your games – be it as a livestreamer or a video game developer – is a fundamental task. Background music for games, or gaming music (also known as BGM (Background Game Music) or VGM (Video Game Music) is music that can be used as background music in video games. These […]

interview background music

Interview Background Music | Where to find and how to use

Using background music in interviews is a wonderful way to promote the tone of your interviews, create engagement with your audience and enhance your message by evoking certain feelings in your listener. Interview background music is used to enhance the atmosphere of a narration, conversation, or interview. Many podcasters, broadcasters, and YouTubers use interview background […]