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Learn how to record, mix and produce great sounding audio in your content.

phone mic

Can You Use An External Microphone On An Android Phone

Although big tech companies might like to boast that their mobile phones have some of the best quality microphones in the business, a lot of the time, they can be bested by multiple, cheap market alternatives. The problem is, these microphones can’t simply be magically rewired into your phone; you have to connect them externally; […]

studio monitors

Why Are Studio Monitors So Expensive?

Studio monitors vary in price from £80 to £10,000. The difference in price depends on factors such as the studio monitor’s ability to reproduce sound accurately, reproduce a large frequency range, have a good transient response, and have an excellent quality design.  Studio monitors are an essential tool for anyone creating and producing audio.  The […]

download sound effects

Sound Effects

Sound effects are a necessary part of content creation and video production. Having access to a good sound effect library is an essential tool in your video making or content creation. There are many sound effect libraries available online, from free to paid options,  so it can be hard to pick the right sound effect library […]

background music levels dB

How Loud Should Background Music Be?

There is no target audio level for background music as this number will vary, however, to ensure your background music does not impede on the clarity of speech or narration for those with hearing problems, most experts agree that background music should be between -18dBs and -20dBs lower than the main dialogue, narration or speech […]