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microphone for youtube

Do You Need a Microphone To Make A Successful YouTube Video?

If you frequent the web, particularly sites such as Twitch, or use online services such Xbox Live, then you more than likely own a microphone. Microphones are the best way to express yourself online! They allow you to have real, fluid conversations with others over the web, and record videos that utilise your voice, instead […]

mixing desk with sound effects db level

What Volume Level (dB) Is Best For Sound Effects?

Sound effects are an important part of video and film production. As a general rule, sound effects should be set at a volume level of between -12dB and -18dB in most video editing software. Although the volume level of sound effects will vary, they should never impede on your main narration or exceed 0dB. What […]

ipad microphone example setup

Can I Connect A Microphone To An iPad?

It is possible to connect a microphone directly to an iPad or Apple device, however additional hardware is typically needed to make the connection. The type of microphone you use, whether it is a USB or XLR connection microphone will further determine what setup and extra hardware you might need. Personally, I have found connecting […]

tight headphones

Should Headphones Be Tight?

I wear headphones almost all day long. The headphones I wear for 90% of the day are my trusted Beyerdynamic DT-990s Pros for studio work. There is some debate, particularly amongst audio geeks like myself, on how tightly headphones should fit. Some argue that headphones should be tight to maximise the audio levels and sound, […]

imovie music levels

What Volume Should Background Music Be in iMovie?

iMovie is a wonderful free video editing software that comes as standard with an Apple Mac OS computer. This pre-installed video editing software is really powerful, and so much good quality video editing can be done with it. Many people will show you how to use iMovie for free online, but very few seem to […]

vocal booth

Do I Really Need A Vocal Booth?

I have always been fascinated by vocal booths.  When I visit big studios, the vocal booth room is always one of the most fascinating rooms with its complex room shapes, soundproofed design, and expensive acoustic foam treatments. Because vocal booths are such a central feature of major record studios, you may feel that you cannot […]

mxl990 for streaming

Is The MXL 990 A Good Microphone? I Tired It!

The MXL 990 is an excellent condenser microphone that sounds great with all vocal types. It has a natural high-frequency boost in the 5kHz to 10kHz range which adds a natural brightness to vocals, generally enhancing audio clarity. It is hard to beat the MXL 990 for vocal recording clarity or find a better microphone […]

audio book recording

How To Record An Audio Book At Home

Recently, I was thrown into the deep end of audiobook recording.  I have over 12 years of recording experience, but all of my recording experience is within the music industry.  I am used to recording vocalists, drums, musical instruments, and dialogue, to be mixed as part of a song, but the world of music recording […]

phone mic

Can You Use An External Microphone On An Android Phone

Although big tech companies might like to boast that their mobile phones have some of the best quality microphones in the business, a lot of the time, they can be bested by multiple, cheap market alternatives. The problem is, these microphones can’t simply be magically rewired into your phone; you have to connect them externally; […]