New Royalty Free Music Released: Industrial Sci-Fi

Digital and electronic tones, heavy percussion, rising strings, and pulsing synths combine to create this urgent and edgy Industrial Science Fiction playlist. Evoking cinematic wastelands, futuristic dystonia, and a rise of artificial overlords to threaten humanity with destruction, this brand-new playlist takes inspiration from high tech 80’s & 90’s movies. These tracks will be the […]

New Music Released: EDM Playlist

Pulsing bass, electronic drums, rising synths, house & trance influences combine to create this EDM (electronic dance music) playlist. Rising soft vocals from Tehillah Henry, smooth and relaxed vocals of Marvid, and the beautiful and chilled vocals of Melisa Jimenez.   Evoking a feeling of summer, evening drinks and fun weekends, this dance album takes […]