New Tracks Dropped: Industrial Sci-Fi

Digital and electronic tones, heavy percussion, rising strings, and pulsing synths combine to create this urgent and edgy Industrial Science Fiction playlist.

Evoking cinematic wastelands, futuristic dystonia, and a rise of artificial overlords to threaten humanity with destruction, this brand-new playlist takes inspiration from high tech 80’s & 90’s movies.

These tracks will be the ideal soundtrack for your games, extreme sports videos, adventurous and exciting content.

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New Tracks Dropped: EDM Playlist

Pulsing bass, electronic drums, rising synths, house & trance influences combine to create this EDM (electronic dance music) playlist. Rising soft vocals from Tehillah Henry, smooth and relaxed vocals of Marvid, and the beautiful and chilled vocals of Melisa Jimenez.


Evoking a feeling of summer, evening drinks and fun weekends, this dance album takes influences from 80’s synths, the electro beat scene, and classic old skool retro 90s club music.


These tracks are perfect for your lifestyle, fashion, workout, aerobics, feel good, happy, cheerful and uplifting productions.

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New Tracks Dropped: Stranger Sounds Playlist

Progressive sounds and 80’s electro synths combine to make a brand-new playlist of science fiction and alien world vibes. Eight unique and original pre-cleared tracks that are ideal for your dynamic and exciting productions.

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New Website Launch

Welcome to the new site! I am very excited to have this up and running.

From working with so many video producers and media content creators, one thing everyone has in common is the need for simple & straightforward access to original music.

In a nutshell, pre-cleared, royalty free original music which they can use in their productions, without hassle, across the internet and broadcast spectrum.

That is what I hope to deliver with this new website format….easy to browse, easy to use and easy to download music which you can use in your video productions worry free.

I really hope you like it.

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Thanks for stopping by,

Louise Byrne

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