Custom Theme Music (Where to find and how to use)

close up of woman playing violin in orchestra

In a competitive online space with hours of amazing content available to watch and listen to, it can be hard for your content to stand out. Many creators are now turning to custom theme music to give their content a special boost and extra level of professionalism. From YouTube videos to Podcasts and everything in-between, […]

Do You Need a Microphone To Make A Successful YouTube Video?

microphone for youtube

If you frequent the web, particularly sites such as Twitch, or use online services such Xbox Live, then you more than likely own a microphone. Microphones are the best way to express yourself online! They allow you to have real, fluid conversations with others over the web, and record videos that utilise your voice, instead […]

Can I Connect A Microphone To An iPad?

ipad microphone example setup

It is possible to connect a microphone directly to an iPad or Apple device, however additional hardware is typically needed to make the connection. The type of microphone you use, whether it is a USB or XLR connection microphone will further determine what setup and extra hardware you might need. Personally, I have found connecting […]

Should I Start Gaming on YouTube or Twitch?

girl gaming channel on YouTube

The thought has more than likely crossed all gamer’s minds at some point in time. We spend so much time with our eyes glued to our monitors and our hands clasped firmly around our controllers, we may as well be broadcasting or recording what we do and maybe provide some entertainment to people, right? Heck, […]

Where Can I Download Free Game Background Music?

free gamer music

From game developers to game players, finding good free game background music is like slaying your first dragon. Free game background music can be downloaded from multiple sites, however, ensure you get a written music licence agreement that proves you can use the music and if you are looping the music for game development, avoid […]