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Background Music For Sport Videos

It is still unknown if the Japanese 2021 Olympics are going ahead due to the pandemic crisis, however, for those of us in the media and video industry, being prepared and planning our sports montage and sports hype music in advance is essential.

So, if the Olympic games get the go-ahead, we will be ready to produce content as the news unfolds.

The choice of incidental music or background music in a sports video can be a game-changer. 

Get it right and you will elevate the athletes and the sport to new heights. Get it wrong, and the energy of the sport can get lost.

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What is the best background music for a sports video?

The best sports music or background music for a sports video will emphasize the energy of the sport or the emotions of the athlete.

For example, extreme sports that involve speed and danger often work well with rock music as they have high octane energy and the booming guitars and drums elevate the excitement of the sport.

Similarly, endurance sports such as triathlons or marathons will use mid-tempo motivational music that emphasises the athlete’s ability to “keep going”.

At the end of the day, what genre of music you use in your sports video production is up to you, but from experience, I always try to match the mood of the music to the emotions of the athlete or the sport. 

How to find the best background music for sports videos?

The variety of sports music on the market is as varied as the sports itself, therefore it can be difficult to decide on the best background music for your sports video.

The type of sport and the type of sports video you are producing will impact your choice of background music. 

It is worth working out, therefore, which of the following sports video types your content might fall under:

  • Sports Highlight Videos / Sports Montage Videos
  • Sports News Videos
  • Sports Hype Videos
  • Sports Documentary Video
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Sports Montage Video

What is a sports montage or sports highlight video?

A sports montage video is a series of video highlights, telling the story of an event or simply showing the highlights of a sport.

Sport montage videos can range from exciting shots of achievement to heart-breaking shots of defeat.  Sometimes they can capture an athlete’s journey to success or defeat in a few minutes of footage.

Whatever story your sports montage or sports highlight video is telling, it should take your viewer on an emotional journey.

Therefore the music used in sports montage videos is essential to evoke strong feelings in your viewing audience.

With the 2021 Olympics on the horizon, we sports fans should expect to see lots and lots of sports montage videos. 

Here is some free recommended sports background music that would make a good sports montage or sports highlight video soundtrack:


Fast and exciting royalty free music with heavy percussion and urgent strings.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Dramatic Music |  Music for Sports | Inspired Music

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Positive and inspirational royalty free music featuring uplifting strings & reflective piano.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Inspirational Music | Montage Music

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Up-tempo royalty free music featuring positive harp with motivational rock drums & horns.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Background Music | Music for Videos | Sports Music | Presentation Music

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Sport Hype Videos

Sport hype videos are very popular and very important to the promotion of a sport.

A sports hype video is typically a short introduction-style video that is full of energy and shows amazing and exciting clips of the sport.

The NFL has some of the best sport hype videos out there, with dramatic clips of touchdowns, smashing helmets, powerful motivation music, and glory! 

Sport hype videos are all about energy and excitement. After watching a short sports hype video, you should be all fired up to watch the full sporting event.

Here are some recommended free sport hype video music examples:


Fired up and energetic, this royalty free music is powerful and urgent.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Intro Music | Short Music | Rock Music

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Driving guitar, heavy percussion and energetic sounds come together in this royalty free music tune.

©2013 Louise Byrne Music

Intro Music | Hype Music | Background Music | Royalty Free Music

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Sport News Videos

If you are discussing sports analytics, sports stats, or simply reporting on the sports news, an air of authority and seriousness to your videos is essential to get your message across.

This can be done by using music idents, (a short melody or audio logo) , sound effects, or upbeat serious music that has an air of professionalism.

Almost every sports channel uses a musical ident to signal to their audience that announcements and news is on the way.

You will want the music to be positive and attention-grabbing, but not so serious that you are putting a damper on people’s mood – remember sport is fun!

I recommend Shutterstock as a good source of music for sports news videos. Shutterstock has a large variety of royalty-free music for sports videos available. 

Sports Documentary Video

A huge division of sports broadcast is the sports documentary video. I love a good sports documentary! 

Just like all documentaries, the music soundtrack can make or break a sports documentary.

The music you chose for your sports documentary will vary, depending on your message, music tastes, and sport.

To learn more about choosing the right music to tell your story through music, check out this article which goes into more depth about how to build the right energy in a sports documentary through music. 

extreme sports filmmaker advice

Below you will find a selection of recommended music for sports documentary videos that can be downloaded for free. 


This background music features dramatic percussion with urgent strings, building to a soaring upbeat melody of achievement. Perfect for inspirational videos or as sports montage music.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Free Music for Video | Music for Sports

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Motivational and uplifting royalty free music with building textures and rising strings.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Royalty Free Music | Inspirational Music | Background Music

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Strong and determined royalty free music with sweeping strings and powerful rock beat.

©2016 Louise Byrne Music

Royalty Free Music | Background Music | Aspirational Music

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A royalty free music track with reflective harp and evolving textures, punctuated by intense drums.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Uplifting Music | Sports Music | Background Music | Royalty Free Music

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Free Music for Download – Sports Background Music

Many content creators search for free music downloads to use as sports video background music.

There are many free music resources online, some of which I cover in greater depth in this article.

If you are looking for free royalty-free music for sports video, check out my action and sports collection below.

This music was written on the back of the Winter Olympics in 2014.

I am a big sports fan and therefore writing music for sports videos is something I love to do and I was honored to have my music used as part of this major event by one of the main winter Olympics sponsors.

If you want to download and use this free music in your sports video, please ensure you add a music credit to me as per the following example:

Music: or  “Song Title”  from

Adding a music credit will help other sports video producers find me and benefit from free music also.


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I am also a big fan of water sports and surfing videos, therefore I also have a mini collection of music that would be suitable as chill-out music for sports videos also.

Again, to download and use this music for free in your sports video, please ensure you give a music attribution to me as word of mouth really helps my musical reach grow.


Sports videos are big business and in an Olympic year, you will see lots and lots of sports hype and sports montage videos everywhere.

Getting the right music for your sports video can really elevate your content and get lots of people excited about the sport or sporting event.

From sports hype videos to sports news broadcasts, sport is great content and if you are lucky enough to be in the business of producing sports videos, getting the energy and music right is the key to a successful production.