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Rising synths, retro vibes and electro beats combine in this royalty free music to create a flowing and upbeat melody.

©2018 Louise Byrne Music

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Louise. ☺️

This is an electronic royalty free music track inspired by digital sounds. Created originally as part of my music for sci-fi content collection, this upbeat and positive music is a good soundtrack for futuristic or optimistic content needing a digital sound. 

Composer Notes on this Background Music

Inspired by sci-fi electronic sounds, this upbeat tune has sharp and crisp hi-hats, pulsing synthesizers and melodic computer-generated sounds to create a tune that is modern and electronic.

The hi-hats and drum snares have been produced to create a “sucking” and “whooshing” sounds like I imagine the sound of a futurist, steampunk spacecraft to sound.

There is a distinct sound of “digital” in this music, with the sound effects chosen to mimic a retro computer console from a science fiction movie. The sounds are distinctly musical, yet have a chiptune or 8-bit sound that makes them part of the sci-fi ambience.

The intent of this track was to create a sweeping, fluid and flowing sound as if one is journeying through space and time without resistance. 

All the sounds in this music were created using synthesizers and computer sound generators. 

It is both hopeful, upbeat and relaxed. Ideal background music for content needing a happy, modern yet digital vibe. The imagery from the game “Mass Effect” contributed to the inspiration for this music with its futuristic aesthetic.

See how this music works with video on my YouTube channel:

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