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“Avenue of Knights” | Epic Music | Cinematic Music

Epic Music | Cinematic Music | Royalty Free Music


Royalty free music with cinematic, spirited string orchestra and heroic vibes.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Epic Music | Game Sountrack | Background Music

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Louise. ☺️

This is a cinematic royalty free music track. With soaring strings and driving percussive underscore, this rising orchestral music creates a sense of urgency and drama.

Composer Notes on this Cinematic Music

This is an orchestral theme, featuring violins, violas, cellos, double bass and dominant percussion. 

When I wrote this music I was trying to create an uplifting sense of adventure and exploration.  The melody builds to a quick violin top-line that is exciting and inspirational.

The strong percussion, punctuated with heavy cymbal crashes creates a sense of urgency and movement. The main melody ebbs and flows and alternates between the quick violin bow strokes to a sweeping softer melody.

The intro and outro is a solo high violin melody setting the stage of anticipation. This contracts with the lower string melody when it kicks in. 

The string sections rise and fall to keep the music dynamic and engaging.

Perfect background music or theme music for film, music for games, music for podcasts or multimedia content needing an authentic and original orchestral score. 

Free Music Licence Details

You can download my royalty free music for free to use in your multi-media projects as long as you provide me with a music credit.

Please copy and paste the following to credit me:   

Music:  https://louisebyrnemusic.com/ 


“Song Title” from https://louisebyrnemusic.com/

Please include the full website address as a weblink where you can so others can find me too. 🙏


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