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clapperboard use

What Is The Purpose of Using a Clapperboard in Filmmaking?

The purpose of using a clapperboard in filmmaking is to identify the scene to the editor and in addition, synchronize audio and visual elements of the production. The “clap” sound is recorded and this is then synchronized with the recorded image to align sound and video in film production.  Lights!… Camera!… Action! Then the sweet […]

Free sci-fi music

“Transform” – Free Sci-Music Track – DMCA Free Music

What is this royalty-free music about? Low strings, cellos, and violas with light drums build to a somber and respectful french horn melody.  The mood is serious and pensive, filled with concentration and focus.  The orchestral underscore of strings and horns is joined by a female choir. This gives a majestic and sense of importance […]