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Are lofi songs copyrighted?

Lofi music refers to the audio quality of a tune and just like regular hifi music, most lofi music is copyrighted. You can still legally use lofi copyrighted music if you get permission from the musical artist or find a lofi royalty free music supplier or creative commons music license option.  Because lofi music lacks […]

free music for film festivals

Can You Use Royalty Free Music On YouTube For Film Festivals

If you are not already aware, YouTube has an extensive library of royalty free music and no copyright music available on its platform for YouTube video makers. You can find it here: This music is already pre-cleared for use on YouTube. The great advantage of this music is that it is YouTube copyright strike […]

vocal booth

Do I Really Need A Vocal Booth?

I have always been fascinated by vocal booths.  When I visit big studios, the vocal booth room is always one of the most fascinating rooms with its complex room shapes, soundproofed design, and expensive acoustic foam treatments. Because vocal booths are such a central feature of major record studios, you may feel that you cannot […]

mxl990 for streaming

Is The MXL 990 A Good Microphone? I Tired It!

The MXL 990 is an excellent condenser microphone that sounds great with all vocal types. It has a natural high-frequency boost in the 5kHz to 10kHz range which adds a natural brightness to vocals, generally enhancing audio clarity. It is hard to beat the MXL 990 for vocal recording clarity or find a better microphone […]

studio monitors

Why Are Studio Monitors So Expensive?

Studio monitors vary in price from £80 to £10,000. The difference in price depends on factors such as the studio monitor’s ability to reproduce sound accurately, reproduce a large frequency range, have a good transient response, and have an excellent quality design.  Studio monitors are an essential tool for anyone creating and producing audio.  The […]

free music for YouTube

Free Music for YouTube

With users watching about one billion hours of YouTube videos each day, (yes, each day!), if you are in the business of content creation, YouTube is a platform you cannot ignore.  Therefore, finding free music for YouTube that is high quality and safe to use is essential,  There are many places where you can download […]

space music

Best Free Space Game Music and Space Sound Effects

From “No Man’s Sky” to “Outer Worlds” and everything in between, space-themed video games are an amazing genre for enthusiastic video game developers. As well as imaginative worlds and fantastic technology, a great space or sci-fi game soundtrack can contribute massively to the awe-inspiring imagery and gamer experience of these other worlds. Space Music versus […]