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mixing desk with sound effects db level

What Volume Level (dB) Is Best For Sound Effects?

Sound effects are an important part of video and film production. As a general rule, sound effects should be set at a volume level of between -12dB and -18dB in most video editing software. Although the volume level of sound effects will vary, they should never impede on your main narration or exceed 0dB. What […]

ipad microphone example setup

Can I Connect A Microphone To An iPad?

It is possible to connect a microphone directly to an iPad or Apple device, however additional hardware is typically needed to make the connection. The type of microphone you use, whether it is a USB or XLR connection microphone will further determine what setup and extra hardware you might need. Personally, I have found connecting […]

free gamer music

Where Can I Download Free Game Background Music?

From game developers to game players, finding good free game background music is like slaying your first dragon. Free game background music can be downloaded from multiple sites, however, ensure you get a written music licence agreement that proves you can use the music and if you are looping the music for game development, avoid […]

spotify royalty free music

Is There Royalty Free Music On Spotify?

If you are looking for royalty free music on Spotify, you are most likely looking for easy and safe to stream music that you can use as background music in your Twitch, YouTube or Mixer streams and avoid the hassle of downloading actual audio files. As a general rule, there is royalty free music on […]

best mic for streaming

Best Budget Microphone For Streaming For Under $100

It is completely possible to get a great microphone for streaming for under $100. Below are listed the best budget microphones for streaming for under $100, based on my experience. 1. Rode NT-USB-Mini Warm and clear sound recordings Built in pop filter Built in audio effects 2. Blue Yeti Nano USB Mic Professional recording rates […]

music copyright and giving credit

Can I Use Copyrighted Music If I Give Credit?

Finding free and safe to use copyrighted music that you can use legally in your content is essential for creators. As a general rule, you can not use copyrighted music simply by giving credit. You must have permission from the music copyright owner before using music in your content and projects. It is a nice […]

sound effects and copyright

Are Sound Effects Copyrighted?

Sound effects are an essential tool for content creators and video producers. Sound effects can take your videos and content to a new level when used well. As a general rule, sound effects are copyrighted. Similar to music copyright, sound effects are created and recorded and therefore are the IP (intellectual property) of the creator. […]

robotic man listening to futuristic music

Futuristic Music | Listen, Stream or Download for Free

Futuristic music can mean different things to different people. It is a fascinating music style that can be perfect in creating just the right atmosphere in any media content from video games to movies. As a general rule, the definition of futuristic music covers a wide style of music. It is not one particular genre […]

How many seconds of song can you use without copyright

How Many Seconds Of A Song Can You Use Without Copyright?

There is a very common myth and misconception amongst music users, that limiting a piece of music to 5, 15 or 30 seconds will avoid copyright problems, however, this is not true. As a general rule, you cannot use copyrighted music without permission, regardless of the length of music used. Any use of copyrighted music […]

relaxing celtic music

Relaxing Celtic Music | Listen, Stream or Download for Free

I have grown up listening to, composing and performing Celtic Music and it is one of my favourite genres of music. As a whole, relaxing Celtic music is one of the most effective genres of music to help achieve a calm state. In modern Celtic music or new-age Celtic music, the soft drones of the […]