Audiobook production

From DIY at home audiobook recording to finding amazing audiobook narrators.

Recording and producing an audiobook is a massive task! If you are also the author, you might want to consider getting some extra help.

Below are some resources to find audiobook narrators and extra freelance help with your audiobook production, if you don’t want to the 100% DIY route.

I use Fiverr regularly to get some extra production help, and from as little as $5 you can find some wonderful and generous talent. 

Audiobook Narrators

Find some amazing and affordable audiobook narrators to help get the job done. 

Audiobook Audio Production

Editing and mastering your audiobook, particularly to get it to the ACX and Audible audio standards can be a bit daunting, however there are lots of freelance professionals who can help with this. 

Audiobook Knowledge Resources: Articles & Information