Are lofi songs copyrighted?

Lofi music refers to the audio quality of a tune and just like regular hifi music, most lofi music is copyrighted. You can still legally use lofi copyrighted music if you get permission from the musical artist or find a lofi royalty free music supplier or creative commons music license option. 

Because lofi music lacks a “glossy commercial sound”, many think that such music is not copyrighted but this is not true. 

Any modern recorded piece of music will have copyright attached to it. 

To find safe to use copyrighted lofi songs, search for 

1 – Royalty free music suppliers of lofi music, (like myself


2 – search for lofi songs licenced under creative commons.

Now a musical artist may declare their music as “no-copyright music” but this depends on the musical artist. 

When it comes to using a copyrighted lofi song copyrighted that is not supplied by a good royalty-free music library or under creative commons, it is best to check with the individual artist or record label.

What is lo fi music?

Lo fi actually stands for “low fidelity”, which means that the audio production is not top-notch or “polished” like those glossy top ten POP songs you typically get in the top 40 chart.

Therefore any record piece of music that has sound imperfections such as noise, a hum, crackle, or other flaw is actually lofi music. 

So you could have lo fi POP, Rock, Synthwave or anything else!

What is lofi chill?

Lofi chill is a music genre that many argue is a subcategory of lo fi music. 

You could describe lofi chill as chillout, slow beats music with audio imperfections or hum which gives an analog or unique vibe. 

It is warm and relaxing. 

LoFi chill is so popular that many think that the term lo fi music only refers to this type of music. 

Lofi chill is one of the most popular areas of lofi music alongside lofi beats.

Where can I stream or download lo fi music legally? 

You can stream and download the following lo fi music legally to use as background music in your game streams, YouTube videos or other content.

If you want to listen to this music or have it playing in your Twitch game streams, it is available on all major platforms, including Spotify.


Upbeat, driving beats with chilled saxophone create a tropical house, electro vibe in this free lo-fi royalty free music.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Lo-Fi Music | DMCA Stream Music | Chilled Beats

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Electric vibes, deep chilled beats and cool electronic synths come together in this free royalty free music tune.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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Electronic sounds and driving beats come together in this royalty free music.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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Trance music with exiting beats and soft synths come together in this free royalty free music tune.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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Driving synths and electronic beats feature in this royalty free music tune.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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Electronic synths and sweeping strings come together in this royalty free music track.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

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I love writing and producing lo fi music, but it often gets pushed to the side as I usually have other music projects to produce first.

If you like this lo fi music and would like to hear more, please let me know in the comments so I can make time to produce more!

Lofi Chill, Lofi Background, Lofi Beats, LoFi Hip Hop

Alternative, if you are looking for more lofi music that you can download and use in a copyright safe way, I recommend Shutterstock who have a nice collection of lofi chill, lofi background, lo fi hip hop and lofi beats.

Check them out!

Why is lofi music so good?

Lofi music is so good, because the soft analog tones, acoustic imperfections and often used “white noise” effects give an authentic sound which sounds natural to our ears. 

When I first started producing music for a living, in the early days I was obsessed with hifi music, which is the complete opposite of lofi music.

Everything I recorded had to be done perfectly, with no noise, mistakes, hum or buzz. My music was a clinical and polished production.

In order to compete with the highly produced commercial songs I heard on the radio, I thought the only way I could produce music was in this overly processed way.

I only recently discovered the power of lofi music (within the last year) and I wish I had identified the pure art that lofi music is years ago!

Many people, myself included, love lofi for the creative freedom it gives musical artists. It harks back to the early days of a band making a rough DIY demo at home.

Yes, a well trained music professional will identify a poor quality DIY recording but often these lofi recordings capture something special. Pure art.

In truly authentic lofi music we can hear a musical artist expressing themselves and not worrying about mistakes, noise or audible imperfections.

Today, lofi music has gone from something that was once seen as an amature bedroom recording to a sought after sound.

Professional recording artists and studios are deliberately adding effects and noise to give a lofi sound. 

I love Lofi music so much because it captures music and feelings in a raw state, with all its recording blemishes.

In this modern world of cold and sterile overly produced music, lofi music is like a warm audible hug for your brain. 

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