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Adventure Lost – Royalty Free Music Download


Heavily distorted guitar riffs and driving drums come together in this royalty free background rock music tune.

©2016 Louise Byrne Music

Rock Music| Action Music | Music for Sports

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Dramatic strings and synths build to a rock drum beat and aggressive melody.

Punctuated with electronic synths and effects this rock music has a distinctive sound that rises and falls creating excellent musical dynamics for sports videos, music for sports videos or as background music for video games.

Personally, I love sports and mountain biking is one of my favourites. I have lost count of the hours of mountain bike videos I have watched and this tune is inspired by a day riding on the trails and exploring nature through biking. From jumps to drops, the music rises and falls just like a biker on a trail. This dynamic rise and fall are seen in many extreme sports making this tune versatile and suitable for all types of sports videos or videos needing a dramatic and aggressive feeling.

How can I download this music for free?

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See how this free music track works with images on my YouTube channel. 

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