From understanding what acoustic foam does to where to place it, knowing the basics of room acoustics can help you improve the audio quality of your content.

Understanding room acoustics and how to improve your home studio for optimum acoustics will greatly help the quality of your audio recordings and production in your content creation.

Below are some suggested products, including some acoustic guides to get you setup in a nice acoustic environment for recording, streaming or production. 

Inexpensive Acoustic Foam Pack: EQ Acoustics Classic Wedge, 30cm Wedge

Prince Range: [$40 – $50]

Why we like it: When getting started with acoustic foam, it can be a bit tricky working out what to do with it. I like this pack of foam as it has 8, dense foam wedges which is enough for most project studios. You can fix this to your wall to reduce echo and absorb sound. I recommend experimenting with placement to see where it works best as everyone’s project studio is different. 

Compared to the competition:  There are many acoustic start foam packs out there but I like this one in particular as it specifies a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.85 and has a fire standard rating of UL94 HF1. It is dense enough to improve the sound quality of a small room, helping to reduce echo and making vocals sound “warmer”. 

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acoustic foam room kit

Acoustic Foam Pack: AcouFoam Room Kit

Prince Range: [$130 – $145]

Why we like it: I really love this room kit as it combines absorbers, bass traps and diffusers, all in one. Each of these options are important in acoustically treating a room. In addition to a full acoustic treatment that will improve any studio, speaker isolation pads are included which can be placed under any studio speakers to isolate vibrations. It meets regulations and is a complete acoustic kit. 

Compared to the competition:  It is difficult to find such a comprehensive collection of acoustic foam, that does so much, in this price range. You have bass traps for your corners, acoustic absorber tiles for your walls and the wedge shape is a nice diffuser. It is a hard one to beat on price, quality and function. 

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Vocal Shield: Microphone Reflection Filter

Prince Range: [$50 – $90]

Why we like it: There are many microphone reflection filters on the market which help improve the audio quality of vocal recordings. I really like this one for two main reasons. Firstly, the foam is very dense, which is what we need when looking for a good acoustic absorber. Secondly, the filter wraps around the microphone, almost 180 degrees, which really helps contain the sound. I have used my for over 5 years and it is still going strong. 

Compared to the competition:  There are so many alternative options out there some which are more affordable such as the small microphone reflection filter by Gear4Music, and some more elaborate designs such as the Aston Halo Reflection Filter. However, the density of foam is crucial and the standard Gear4Music Microphone Filter does this well. 

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Vocal Acoustic Foam Pack: EQ Acoustics Home Recording Vocal Pack

Prince Range: [$190 – $200]

Why we like it: This acoustic foam pack bundles the acoustic foam wall tiles with the microphone filter making it a full solution for home or studio vocal recording. This acoustic pack will improve vocal and musical instrument recording. It even includes the adhesive spray for quick installation. 

Compared to the competition: This pack has a lot for the money and contains good quality foam. One improvement I would suggest is to add bass traps, as this is not included. Compared to similar packs in this price range, it has good foam and a good quantity of tiles, which will work well for most project studios. 

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