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Hello, my name is Louise ☺️

I am a Songwriter and Music Producer who likes to compose music in a large variety of musical genres from “Celtic Music” to “Chiptune Music” and everything in between.  

When I am not writing music you will find me designing audio products as I love engineering, playing with my mountain bike or researching what type of music my cat enjoys. 🐱

When I was four years old, Santa Claus brought me a violin.

Being the youngest in a family of seven who are all great Irish Music musicians, there was no shortage of music in my house growing up. 🎻

Irish Musicans

Musical Family

Here are my parents and two of my sisters.  I had just started learning the Mandolin in this photo.

Early Handwritten Lyrics

I started writing “POP” songs when I was 8 years old and was (and still am) obsessed with the music industry 😂

Engineering Sound

My final year project where I designed a custom in-built digital guitar tuner to an electric guitar. 

I kicked off my music career by studying a degree in Electronic Engineering….a bit of a curve ball, but it really honed my technical and engineering skills which is so important in modern music production. 

This is me working on my final year project which was a digital guitar tuner, built into the body of an electric guitar.  If it makes sound I am interested!

Point Blank London -Studio 1

Amazing studio facilities at Point Blank London

After my degree, I moved to London to study Music Production at Point Blank Music College

This opened the door to work with and learn from a wide variety of talent including JC Concato who has produced for acts such as Bjork, Portishead and The Cure; Steve Hiller, a Top 40 hit songwriter and founder member of the band Dubsteb; and Dave Pine, a legendary recording engineer who has worked with a host of acts including Massive Attack.

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After graduating from Point Blank, I gained experience working at all levels of the music business from producing for artists, writing for record labels, recording artists, managing sound design, writing for major production music libraries and supplying music to some of the biggest global TV networks and international brands around the world.

Brunel University London – Portable Vocal Booth Design

Picking up my certificate with the other contestants for my portable vocal booth design.  ☺️

In addition to writing and composing music, I love the technical side of music and audio. 

I am a member of the Audio Engineering Society and I completed a Masters in Advanced Engineering Design at Brunel University London, where my audio design for a vocal booth was shortlisted for their Business Innovation Venture Competition.

I love sharing my audio technical knowledge and sound engineering experience through my blog with whoever will listen! 

City University of London Music Law

My Music Law Text Books

I set up this free music resource to help fellow creatives find “safe to use” music for their videos  and share my creative works openly

Working in the music industry for this long has forced me to learn the basics of music law, which I did at City University London

I am really proud to offer a full professional licence with my free music – not something I see very often – and share my music licence advice through my blog. 

Louise Byrne Music Producer Image

Hope you enjoy my free music and my blog

Thanks for stopping by, thanks for listening and thanks for reading this far!

Your support means so much 💗 


What is LouiseByrneMusic.com?

LouiseByrneMusic.com is an independent music library of free royalty-free music which was founded in 2008.

In 2020, the company is still going strong and has music used in almost every musical territory worldwide.

Louise Byrne distributes her royalty free music for free, with a full commercial music licence. She believes that high quality and original music should be accessible to content creators, filmmakers, video game developers and all other creatives to ensure there are no financial restrictions that could stop a creative producing their art.

Through her website, www.louisebyrnemusic.com, Louise provides free royalty free music and in addition, lots of free information and content for filmmakers and music users worldwide.

Proud supplier of music to some of the worlds biggest brands

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