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Louise Byrne is a music producer and songwriter who composes music in a variety of musical genres.

She has over ten years experience in the music industry, working at all levels of the music business from producing for artists, writing for record labels, recording artists, managing sound design, writing for major production music libraries and supplying music to some of the biggest global TV networks and international brands around the world. 

What is LouiseByrneMusic.com?

LouiseByrneMusic.com is an independent music library of free royalty-free music which was founded in 2008.

In 2020, the company is still going strong and has music used in almost every musical territory worldwide.

Louise Byrne distributes her royalty free music for free, with a full commercial music licence. She believes that high quality and original music should be accessible to content creators, filmmakers, video game developers and all other creatives to ensure there are no financial restrictions that could stop a creative producing their art.

Through her website, www.louisebyrnemusic.com, Louise provides free royalty free music and in addition, lots of free information and content for filmmakers and music users worldwide.

Proud supplier of music to some of the worlds biggest brands

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