Dramatic and epic war music with sweeping, striking underscore feature in this royalty free music.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Epic Music | Background Music | Theme Music

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Rising synths, retro vibes and electro beats combine in this royalty free music to create a flowing and upbeat melody.

©2018 Louise Byrne Music

Background Music | Music for Videos on YouTube

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Soft Celtic / Irish royalty free music with rising ambient Irish traditional music themes and uplifting Celtic melodies.

©2012 Louise Byrne Music

Free Music for Video | Celtic Music | Free Music Downloads | Irish Music

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Featuring the smooth and relaxed vocals of Marvid, this royalty free music is uplifting and progressive with house and electronic dance music influences.

©2017 Louise Byrne Music

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hOW CAN I download FREE MUSIC?

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All  the music on this site is free, all you have to do is add a music credit to the composer. 

Here is an example of the correct way to add a music credit:

Music by: or Music: “Song Title” from

what is royalty free music?

Royalty free music, such as the music on this site, is music supplied with a licence type that allows someone to use the music legally without paying further additional fees.

So if you are looking for safe to use background music for your content, without any hidden costs, royalty free music is the best choice

what is DMCA free music?

In 2020, DMCA takedown notices became very common with Twitch users, when Twitch targeted music infringement on its platform, in response to pressures from the music industry and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

DMCA Free Music (also known as non-DMCA music), is music that will not be targeted by DMCA takedown notices.

All the music on this site is DMCA free music, and safe to use on Twitch, YouTube and Mixer.

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