New Royalty Free Music Released: “Take A Look”

Royalty Free Music

New Tune “Take A Look” Released

This is a soft acoustic tune featuring the stunning vocals of John Leslie Long.

I was going to “pretty” this song up by adding a full underscore but there is a realness and rawness to the simple guitar and voice that conveys true emotion so I kept this one simple.

It can be so difficult to find original music for film with a simple royalty free music licence so I am very proud to be launching this tune.

Royalty Free Music

Acapella Version

There is a powerful emotion in a simple acapella – no background music, just the voice standing alone.

Using an acapella as exit music for films or just as a general underscore can be incredibly powerful & effective.

The raw emotion can be striking if synced well.

Royalty Free Music

Instrumental Version

A simple acoustic guitar can work beautifully to set a the scene.

We have all heard it a million times but simple often works best.


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