New Royalty Free Music Released: “Fired Up” Playlist

The year is drawing to an end and so many content creators have the “end of year best of” montages to put together at this time.

Powerful, upbeat, action music can often work wonders on such content as it gets people “fired up” and excited about what has gone and what is on the way with the new year on the horizon.

This time of year often sees the sporting seasons coming to an end so all the sports production editors out there will find this music particularity useful to have on hand.

The heavy guitars, sweeping strings and rock percussion is often ideal for sports montage music, sports intro music or sports hype music.

This carefully curated playlist features two shorter tracks of around 30 seconds which is a perfect length for trailers or short promos. 

Have a listen below – hope it is of use to you hard working filmmakers.

Check out my licence page to understand how this music can be used in your productions and content. Business and personal use is covered at the same price so if your content goes viral you are covered, forever!

If you have any question, please just ask.

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