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production music licence

Here is a short summary of the key licence terms that effect filmmakers and media creators.

We believe that music licensing should be really straightforward and simple.

The Key Terms:

  • When you purchase a track from the music library we grant you permission to use the music purchased in all your productions. 
  • You can use the music as part of your media productions for internet use, DVD, television productions, film, radio or other multi-media broadcast.
  • The licence covers all the mechanical rights in the respect of the mechanical reproduction of videos, DVDs, computer games or other products in any format for commercial sale or rental.
  • The licence covers worldwide usage and is a full commercial licence.


  • You may not sample the musical works for use in audio only productions or remix the tracks without first obtaining written permission from Louise Byrne Music.
  • You may not resell this music to another user. Only you have been granted the rights to use the music.
  • This is a non exclusive licence as we always retain the original copyright of the music. The rights are non transferable.

You can download a copy of this licence agreement for your records by clicking here and saving the PDF.

If you have any questions, please just ask.

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